When Should You Replace Your Car’s Wheels?

As a car owner, your wheels are the most fundamental aspect of your vehicle. The maintenance of wheel is mandatory to ensure safety, comfort and a high-quality ride. Even though wheels can often go unnoticed and neglected, they are the most crucial part of an automobile and must be included in the timely servicing of your car. Generally, people are more accustomed to change their tires if there is palpable damage on the wheels through an accident or obstacle on the road. But even if the tread is not damaged or worn out, a tire must be changed every 5 to 6 years in order to make your car riding experiences optimally safe, comfortable and smooth. It also enhances your vehicle’s performance by a large margin.


Cost to Change Winter Tires

Why You Should Change the Wheels of Your Car?

Each driving experience is different and the car owners have their own driving habits that can create drastic effects on the quality of the wheels and tires. The tires and tread must be checked regularly in order to determine if they should be altered sooner or later. Even if there is a minor damage to the wheels, you can ascertain the time frame they need to be changed by inspecting the condition of your car’s wheels on a regular term. Typically, tires in the wheels should be changed within the span of 5 years and the slight damages should be repaired timely to avoid any further damage. There are many contributing factors that will determine the longevity of the wheel or cause your wheel to wear out over time as listed below:

  • The speed of your car.
  • Quick starting the car and emergency braking.
  • Lack of servicingwhen the car needs maintenance in any changes like vibration, noise, or change in handling.
  • Using tires not suitable for the weather.
  • Driving on damaged roads.
  • Using incompatible rim and wheel sizes.

wheels on tyres


The Importance of Wheel Alignment

The tires in your car’s wheels have a tread which helps maintain a tight grip on a wet road. It is of crucial importance to have a good tread in your tires in order to drive on a road with unstable driving conditions. Your wheels must be able to move, stop, accelerate and turn seamlessly on any road. If the tread is worn out, it may become a safety hazard for you and it will lose the strength to hold a grip on the road. It may be a time to opt for a new tire replacement if the tread has become worn out.

The Dangers of Misalignment in Wheels

Car alignment issues are very common in the infrastructure of a car. In order to avoid any detrimental damages to your car, it is important to keep them checked regularly. Not only can this ruin your tires, but if your car runs into a curb, the enormous force can misalign your wheel. When this happens, the wheel moves in another direction and is left out of the mutual alignment of the other four wheels, leading to steering problems and lack of control for the driver. This must be repaired within due time to avoid dangerous repercussions, and all the wheels of the car must be in perfect alignment.

6 Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Alignment (and Why You Need to Fix it ASAP)

Warning Signs to Know You Need a Tire Change

There are many crucial warning signs that must be inspected regularly which may include a punctured tire, uneven tread, unstable movements of the car, damaged valve caps in the tires, or a deflated tire. It is critical to pay attention to these signs and take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic to help cure the problem. If you see any of these signs in your automobile, it may be the time for wheel replacement.

Checking Your Car’s Rims to Avoid Detrimental Effects on Your Vehicle

Your wheel’s rims must be in an exceeding condition in order to have fitted tires and avoid any leakages. Wheels are susceptible to break apart if the rims are cracked, so it is important for car owners to keep an eye on the rims. Not only do they provide basic functions of leverage, they also pave a way to mount your tries. It is important to check any signs of dysfunction in the rims as soon as possible such as the inability to hold air in a tire is sign for trouble in the rims. Another important indication for worn out rims is the vibration in the steering wheels or have a scalloped wear pattern in the tires of your car. It is important to look for these signs in order to ascertain if your wheels need replacement.

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Upgrade Your Wheels With Wheelshome

In order to purchase a new set of wheels, you must ascertain the kind of design and finish you are looking for to best suit your vehicle including the size of the wheel. You may also consider other factors such as how many bolts the wheels have or any special features you want installed in your wheels. Each vehicle owner must determine their estimated budget and increase the value of their wheels by replacing them with the wheel materials they want to use along with the diameter and width of the wheel that your vehicle needs. It is highly recommended to consult the manual for your vehicle when you are replacing the wheels on your car. The usage and age of the tires of your car is a contributing factor to determine if your wheels need to be changed.

Wheelshome’s 3000 Wheels Molds Curated Specifically for Your Vehicle

Generally, people can upgrade the wheels on their automobile for better car performance, longevity, or even aesthetics. Wheelshome is recommended as having one of the best wheels in the market for optimal safety and longevity of your wheels. If you need a tire replacement, Wheelshome offers 3000 wheel molds in the factory available to customize according to your manufacturing needs. Increase the lifespan of your wheels with high quality and luxurious aftermarket wheels in stock at Wheelshome.

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