Wheelshome RS2 5 holes flowforming aftermarket wheels

  • Color: Black machined face
  • Size: 19×8.5 19×9.5
  • Offset: 35/38
  • Aftermarket wheels fit for universal car
  • Stock over 100 pcs and low MOQ
  • Flowforming makes wheel stronger and lighter
  • Staggered option and rear wheels much more concave
Rizo Sport II 19×8.5 20/45 5H 100-120 HS/MGMF
Rizo Sport II 19×9.5 20/45 5H 100-120 HS/MGMF

After the production of the Flowforged blank, it is placed on a roller mould and heated extremely.

Special hydraulic rollers tension the wheel by applying pressure to the barrel, while targeted heat is applied as the rotating barrel.

By rotating precisely, the rollers form the blank into the desired wheel width. The material is made extremely strong and resilient through compression.

Once the high-strength blank is in its final shape, the wheel is taken to the CNC department for milling and turning.

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