Wheelshome,A Reliable One Stop Solution Provider for Alloy Wheels

Buying alloy wheels, either for one’s own vehicle or for wholesale and retail purposes, can become complicated. This is especially true for someone searching for a trustworthy supplier. Wheelshome has been recommended by many buyers as a reliable alloy wheels provider owing to its years of experience with a varied clientele.

What Wheelshome is all About?

Wheelshome is presently appreciated in China and around the globe for being a reliable alloy wheels provider. Although based in China, it has grown to supply products globally. Wheelshome began its venture years back with a vision that has only furthered the interests of the automobile industry.

Background and Origin

With more than 18 years of experience, Wheelshome began as one of the very first manufacturers of alloy wheels in China. All these years have added more experience that helps us bring the best wheels forth for the automobile industry.

What Wheelshome Offers?

Wheelshome is renowned for producing quality alloy wheels with 8 years of warranty. The warehouse can contain about 30,000 pieces at a given time. Our products include a range of wheels as mentioned below:

  • Replica Wheels   

One of the most in-demand products from our range includes replica wheels. These are manufactured keeping in mind leading car companies and their desired models. The replica brands available in our stock include BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Skoda, Renault, Jaguar, Volvo, Fiat, Honda, Infinity, Lexus, Toyota, Jeep, Ford, and Tesla. Our wheels are perfect copies of OEM rims making us a regular supplier of replica wheels to the inland automobile industry, especially amongst the luxury and sports car community.

  • Forged wheels

The alloy material is disintegrated into the shape of a wheel by using a combination of heat and extreme pressure. The method not only makes them lightweight but also removes any chances of cavities or hollow spaces and thus produces wheels that are extreme in strength and durability. The use of monoblocks or even two or three pieces enhances fitment flexibility but with a reduced bending ability. Forged wheels brands manufactured by Wheelshome include Audi, Brabus, BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes. Wheel sizes mostly range from 19” to 23”.

  • Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket wheels refer to rims used in the automobile industry that is essentially produced by independent manufacturers. Aluminum and magnesium are the materials usually employed for this purpose. In addition to the brands mentioned for replica wheels, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Nissan are included for the aftermarket wheels. Though, available in 22”, 24” and 26” sizes, custom sizes can also be made upon order.

Aftermarket wheels when passed through the forging process produce rim forged out of a single aluminum billet chunk. These are forged aluminum wheels and are the strongest aftermarket wheels. Some of these manufactured by Wheelshome include the following:

a.Rizo Wheels

Ranging from 18” to 20” for all cars, RIZO is a sports car rim series. A big alloy cap or concave design in black extends that sporty look. RIZO wheels are cost-effective and give the best performance.

wheelshome beta wheels


b.Maons Sports Wheels

A luxury sports wheel collection with custom spokes design. These are applicable to different models of cars.

c.Tiffando Wheels

Black colored with a combination of star and spoke design. The designs are contemporary with a range of wheel finishing.

d.Terra Off-road Wheels

These are known for technological advancements and cutting-edge fitments. Design innovations include 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 spokes.

 Wheel Surface Finishing by Wheelshome

Our wheels are manufactured to have various finishing to fit a range of vehicle types. Some of the in-demand types of wheel finishes include the following:

  • Chrome Finish Wheels

Following an electroplating process, a thin chromium layer is coated on the wheel surface to give a chrome finish. These are usually preferred due to ease at cleaning, resistance to corrosion and increased harness to the surface.

  • Paint Finish Wheels

A paint sheen of different hues is used to create a surface finish.

  • Polished Finish Wheels

To give the wheel a glossy look that reflects light. It involves sanding the wheel finish so that the alloy is completely smooth.

  • Honed Finish Wheels

Has a slightly light reflection with a satin-smooth surface. It is essential in removing the blur and to getting a sharp edge.

  • Hyper-Silver Finish Wheels

A multi-stage paint process that uses translucent metallic outer paint laid over an undercoat that gives the wheels a deep inner glow. The finish is capable of attracting attention without the chrome flash.

  • Machined Finish Wheels

The finish is applied by spinning the wheel on a computer numeric control (CNC) lathe to flatten and polish the surface that gives off a metallic shine. The wheel is usually painted a contrasting color before being lathed.

  • Powder Coated Wheels

A decorative finish sprayed on like traditional paint. These are electrically charged particles that are sprayed on the surface that needs refinishing. The charged particles adhere to the wheel which is then baked to allow the surfaces to blend together.

Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

Wheelshome is equipped with an expert research and development (R&D) team that works hard at manufacturing quality assurance. Our wheels are cast with precision features. Before being supplied out, an X-ray scan and Helium leakage test are carried out as a quality measure. Each product is guaranteed an 8-year warranty. Our returning clients are proof of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, around-the-clock customer service ensures a quick response to cater to the needs of our clients. All assistance is provided in case of an unfortunate occurring. Expected product shipping durations lie from 3-10 days.

Wheelshome – A One Stop Solution Provider

Many wheel manufacturers are known to produce many customized varieties. Wheelshome carries a reputation for manufacturing a variety of aftermarket alloys, forged 2pcs and 3pcs, luxury wheels, off-road wheels, flow forming, and cast wheels. Replica alloys are custom-made for leading brands. Availability of huge varieties means Wheelshome is a one-stop place that takes pride in extending reliability and worth to the automobile industry and customers that are diverse vehicle owners.

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