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Wheelshome is the trusted tuning wheel product and services. We have a large stock of a wide range of tuning wheels. Wheelsome is one of the most excellent tuning wheel providers. With 18 years of experience, we have the full capability to supply a reliable tuning wheel. Choose us!

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Tuning Wheel for All Brands

Wheelshome has a large stock of automotive products particularly the tuning wheel. We are the expert tuning wheel provider and we can give an unmatched kind of service that you will never regret. Wheelshome tuning wheel will provide outstanding performance for your car.

If you want to have an improvement for your unit, choose the Wheelshome tuning wheels. You can always count in Wheelshome whether you need a trustworthy tuning wheel and other automotive products and services. Feel free to contact us now!

Why Wheelhome Car Alloy Wheels

Wheelshome is specialized in providing and supplying perfect tuning wheels. We are the experience in handling a tuning wheels production line. Due to our great capacity and capability, we can supply a thousand tuning wheels every transaction. Wheelshome is a company that works in a professional and best way.

Wheelshome tuning wheel is an ideal solution for those who desire to have a great improvement for their cars. If you are looking for a professional tuning wheel supplier, Wheelshome is the perfect choice for you.

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wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Wheelshome – Your One-Stop Tuning Wheel Supplier in China

Wheelshome has a unique capacity in supplying a tuning wheel. We can support from design, manufacturing, and supplying of your tuning wheel. Wheelshome has a full range of tuning wheels for you to choose from. Choose Wheelshome to have a better tuning wheel.

Wheelshome is engaged in providing and supplying a tuning wheel. Aside from that, we also provide different kinds of automotive services and products like rims, mags, and many more. Wheelshome always provides quality and excellent services.

We are committed to the wheel business and we can carry to supply a wide range of wheels aside from tuning wheels like alloy wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, chrome alloy wheels, custom alloy wheels, sport alloy wheels, and so on.

Wheelshome always produces sturdy and strong wheels. All of the wheels of Wheelshome are in the best condition and have stable performance. With the Wheelshome tuning wheel, the vehicles will have an improvement and capable to handle inconvenient ways.

We offer our products and services at friendly rates yet quality. We accept OEM and ODM services for your wheels’ needs. We are the best partner for those beginning because we provide a low MOQ from 4 pcs to start your small business.

At Wheelshome you can guarantee quality as we provide 8-years extended warranty on our products therefore, you can still get in touch with us.

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