The center bore of a wheel is the machined opening on the back of the wheel. It centers the wheel properly on the hub of a vehicle. This hole is machined to exactly match the hub. So the wheels are precisely positioned as the lug hardware is torqued down. It is important for a wheel to be “Hub Centric” because it will reduce the chance of vibration.

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Some wheels are vehicle model specific and will come from the factory with a bore machined to match that vehicle.
A  part of wheels are designed to fit multiple vehicle models. They will use a centering system to reduce the bore size to match the hubs of different vehicles.
Some wheels are non-hub centric by design. We call it lug centric wheels. With these wheels it is critical to torque the lug hardware with the vehicle on jack stands, off the ground. This allows the nuts or bolts to center the wheel and torque down without the weight of the vehicle pushing them off center.

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It’s important to know the center bore of the wheels, when shopping for wheels or hub centric rings. The center bore measurement of a wheel is the size of the hole on the backside of the wheel, usually measured in millimeters (mm).

If buying wheels second hand, or in the event the center bore measurement isn’t available , we can measure the hole easily using a caliper or even a ruler.

The step is as followed:

Step 1: Set wheel face down on a flat surface. Be sure to protect the lip from scratches.
Step 2: Tare Caliper. Make sure caliper reads “0.00” when fully closed.
Step 3: Measure using “Inside diameter” tool.  Carefully spread the probes outward across the center of the hole to get an accurate measurement.

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The oversize of the center bore is the common phenomenon in wheels industry, which is especially for fitting different molds. Since the hub hole (the center bore) on the rim is larger than the wheel hub of the car, The centric ring will be used with the rims and are installed between the car wheel hub and the rim. The purpose of the hub centric ring is to fill the empty space between the wheel hub and the center bore of the rim. Centric rings are usually made of durable industrial plastic and aluminum.

For example, if the size of center bore in a rim is 73.1 which larger than the size of 64.1 of your car, thus the related hub centric ring is 73.1-64.1 to fill the empty space.

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In general, the machined center bore of a wheel determines the type of vehicle a wheel will fit. A center bore not matched to a vehicle hub will cause vibration, which will make the vehicle uncontrollable at high speed. Wheel manufacturers enlarge their wheel’s center bore to accommodate a wide range of vehicle types. Determining the center bore of your wheels will determine whether you require a hub ring to increase the strength of the wheel and reduce vibrations from the installed wheels.

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