What is Rizo Custom Wheels all about?

We are all about wheels and all about you. We are competing with the very best in the world and are proud of the space we have carved and the respect we have earned for ourselves. We offer the very best quality which ensures the longevity of your wheels, trendy designs to ensure their relevance, and variety to meet the needs of all.

Your satisfaction and safety is our utmost priority. For the past 18 years, we have been at your service and have been delivering continuously. Earning your trust is our motto and at the core of our business.

For that very reason, we are always trying to improve. From quality to the design of the wheels and from your safety to payment flexibilities, we are always pushing the limits to come up with innovative and new ways to make things easier and accessible for you. Rizo believes deeply in human values and relations. We are not here to just make wheels. We are also here to make connections. Just as fitting, lasting, and sturdy as our wheels.


Why Choose Rizo Custom Wheels?

Custom wheels can improve your vehicle’s overall appearance, increase its resale value, upgrade its safety and enhance the flexibility of the driving style. Our custom wheels are carefully designed to meet those goals.

1. Safety

First and foremost is your safety. Along with the sturdiness of the material, proper fit is critical to safety. At Rizo, we ensure this with the following checklist.

  1. Mounting: Most of the factory new vehicles nowadays follow hub-centric fitment. This basically means that the wheel bore is engineered to fit on the axle of the vehicle perfectly. This is practically nearly impossible for aftermarket wheel makers like us to make hub-centric fitment simply due to the sheer number of different types of vehicles. This is why it gets difficult for people to find the right wheels for their vehicles. Rizo offers lug-centric fitment to ensure that our wheels can be used for a variety of applications. For the empty space between the axle and the hub, we offer small hub-centric metal and plastic rings to be installed and fitted inside the wheel hub so that the wheel becomes hub-centric just as OEM wheels.
  2. Diameter:The wheel should always clear the body parts of the vehicle and should never come in contact with the vehicle. Rizo offers different diameter sizes of the wheels ranging from 15” to 20”. So that you can balance the stylish look, safety, and longevity of the vehicle.
  • Offset and Backspace:If the wheel is not properly backspaced or offset, then while steering the vehicle the components of the tires and that of the body will come in contact and damage your vehicle and decrease the turning radius of your vehicle. We ensure that we provide you with wheels that fit your vehicle perfectly.
  1. Style

Custom alloy wheels can dramatically enhance the look of your vehicle. Besides, that is usually the main reason to go down the customization path. We, at Rizo, provide a range of options for you to choose from. Whether it’s the color of the wheels or the number of spokes, the style of the rims to the shape of the wheels, the shiny finish or matte, the concave shape or convex shape of the wheel, you say and we provide.

  1. Bolt-pattern

We offer a variety of bolt patterns and the bolt pattern of your new custom wheels must match with the pattern of the lugs in order to fit your vehicle. Number of lugs does not matter. We have thousands of custom alloy wheels to help you find the perfect bolt pattern and perfectly fit for your vehicle.

  1. Features
  • Low-pressure casting technology was used to create these products.
  • To assure great dependability, products have been skillfully manufactured.
  • Made of lightweight yet sturdy materials to match any car’s application.
  • Every Rizo wheel package is in a variety of colors and looks stunning.

It’s the small features of these wheels that really bring your vehicle to life. For example, Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels for SUVs provide your car with a wider track and a distinct appearance. Our wheels will give your car a distinctive look that will make the heads turn.

Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels are stocked in bulk for your starting or running businesses. So, get yours now!

custom alloy wheel

How Would Choosing Rizo Wheels Help Your Business?

Wheelshome Rizo wheels are well-manufactured by its professional team. Stocks of about 30,000 different types of Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels are available to be shipped anytime. We have manufactured Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels that are applicable on different models of cars.

Our Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels are stocked in bulk and are available in small MOQ to facilitate starting businesses. We have made no compromise in offering high quality wheels that are designed to fulfil the consumer needs. Rizo Custom Alloy Wheels are easy to store and available in a variety of sizes.

We offer fast and convenient shipping all over the world. To get your Rizo wheels, get in touch with us anytime!

All About Wheelshome

Wheelshome believes in serving you with the high quality, high-end wheels all under one roof. Wheelshome is known for providing consumers all over the world with a wide range of aftermarket alloys. From forged 2pcs and 3pcs to luxury wheels, off-road wheels to casted wheels, we have something for everyone’s needs and wants.

Wheelshome is a one-stop place that takes pride in extending reliability and worth to the automobile industry and customers that are diverse vehicle owners. We have an extensive team of proficient and skilled engineers to ensure that nothing short of perfection is made or shipped from Wheelshome.

Wheelshome has built a strong name in the business by winning clients’ confidence one by one. Our marketing team is active round the clock to facilitate the customers’ demands and answer their queries.

Furthermore, Wheelshome offers integrity and excellent service. Having been in the alloy wheel business for over 20 years now, we are a seasoned provider and offer one of the industry’s largest selection of wheels which combine skill and style together. In addition, we are continuously working to improve our technology to meet the wants of an ever-increasing number of customers.

Wheelshome offers an 8 years warranty on all of our products to gain your trust. To get the perfect set of wheels, get in touch now!

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