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Retro Alloy Wheels Manufacturer in China






wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Retro Alloy Wheels to Skyrocket your Business

Wheelshome has a large stock of retro alloy wheels in unique style and design. We manufacture retro alloy wheels that offer an awesome retro look that will attract your customers. We can also provide you replica retro alloy wheels based on your details.

Wheelshome has a full capacity of providing a one-stop solution for your purchase. In just 3 to 10 days, you can have your retro alloy wheels based on your order quantity. You can send us your inquiries anytime and have a quote immediately.

Why Wheelhome Retro Alloy Wheels

Wheelshome is your best choice for high-quality replica alloy wheels. We have excellent retro alloy wheels for Audi’s, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and even BMW’s. Wheelshome can also customize your retro alloy wheels for a very affordable price.

Wheelshome retro alloy wheels have gone through a lot of tests and procedures to ensure that the quality and performance of each alloy rim or wheel is 100% guaranteed. We have a low order requirement, you can start your order from 4 pcs. We are also providing 8-year warranty services for your wheel orders.

custom alloy wheel

wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Wheelshome – Your Best Retro Alloy Wheels Manufacturer in China

Wheelshome has been manufacturing excellent retro alloy wheels for over 18 years. We provide retro alloy wheels with excellent designs and outstanding quality.

With our expertise, we are able to produce replica alloy wheels that will surely meet your standards and the market standards.

We are one of the first company to engaged in alloy wheels industry in China. Wheelshome retro alloy wheels available in different design, sizes, and finishes to suits your project needs.

In case you can’t find the design on our stock, we can customize retro alloy wheels as per customers idea.

We have a strict manufacturing methods to ensure that mistakes and errors are avoided. It is further tested to Helium Leakage test,  X RAY scan, and more. Not only that, we are also giving an 8-year warranty services to all your orders.

Wheelshome is offering you a world class solutions for retro alloy wheels manufacturing. For more than decade, we win customers satisfaction by providing high-quality retro alloy wheels.

Whether you are just starting up your business or have been doing this for years, Wheelshome is your ideal manufacturer of alloy replica wheels. Our main goal is to help you find products that attract more and more customers.

Aside from, we also offer comprehensive line of alloy wheels, including  replica alloy wheels, off-road wheels, flow forming wheels, casting wheels, forged wheels and so on.

Send your orders now and get a quick quote!

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