Replica Wheels Buying Guide

Replica wheels are aftermarket wheels manufactured by parties other than original car manufacturers. Replica wheel are popular in the automotive wheels industry as they enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, improve its performance, and increase its overall value. If you want the same look as your OEM wheels but want more size and finish options, replica wheel are a terrific solution. You’ll get the same, if not better, wheel quality from the manufacturer if you go with OEM replica wheels.

What are Replica Wheels Made of?

A replica wheel is built to resemble the OEM wheel. The only difference is that the OEM logo and MPN (Manufacturers Part Number) are not stamped on the inner barrel. Most consumers or businesses would never know the difference.


Although replica wheel appear to be the same as the genuine (OEM) wheels, the quality and safety requirements can be significantly different if replica wheels are not bought from a reliable manufacturer. Replica wheel are made with low-cost, porous materials and a low-cost production technology known as gravity casting. Gravity casting involves simply pouring molten aluminum into a mold and allowing it to cool.

Are Replica Wheels Safe?

Many replica wheel manufacturers are in the business of producing the cheapest wheels in large quantities and as rapidly as possible. This implies that they bypass many of the steps that proper wheel manufacturers use to assure safety, longevity, and performance. This is due to the high expense of the equipment and time required to make rigorous testing and in-depth, quality manufacturing – money that ‘OEM style’ companies frequently feel isn’t worth paying.


Without the expenses of R&D and testing, replica wheel producers cannot meet the strict criteria of car manufacturers. To cut expenses, they are created with lower-cost materials and production procedures. This results in a wheel that resembles a genuine wheel but is significantly heavier and weaker.


Such replica wheel are significantly more prone to failure and damage when exposed to potholes, bumps, and cleaning chemicals.

Are Replica Wheels as Good as OEM?

Replica wheel are as good as OEM wheels if you purchase them from an experienced wheels manufacturer. Replica Wheel must fulfill strict specifications and include a mark on the rear indicating the load rating in kilograms. Because replica wheels are intended to replace factory wheels, they often have the same load rating as a factory wheel for the specified vehicle. They are easy to obtain from overseas manufacturers at the same quality but at a cheaper cost than factory original (OEM) wheels, making them highly profitable for customers.

Aftermarket wheels are as dependable as OEM wheels and rims. They have nothing to do with the original automobile brand. They are the ideal choice for commuters who wish to improve their vehicle’s performance. A subset of drivers may choose aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels can be tailored to fit any vehicle. Because of the customization options, aftermarket wheels may be more expensive.

Where Are Replica Wheel Made?

It is very important to choose a reliable manufacturer to ensure your replica wheel will be durable. We have a highly efficient team here at Wheelshome to handle customer inquiries. Our goal is 100% client fulfillment by our products’ high-quality, low price, and quick customer service, and we have a fantastic reputation amongst clients. We supply a large range of replica alloy wheel, forged wheels, aftermarket wheels, off-road wheels.


Replica wheel are exactly what they sound like, these wheels are designed to be identical replicas of OEM wheels and rims. These wheels can be a money saver at the end of the day. The majority of the time, it’s difficult to discern the difference between OEM and Replica wheel. If you have a reputable manufacturer, replica wheel can be your best bargain as they offer high quality and value at low price.


Overall, replica wheel are a good purchase if you pick reputable manufacturers and retailers. We value quality and safety at Wheelshome and customize high-end, high-quality aftermarket products for our clients.

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