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Rep Mecedes Benz Wheels

Nothing can come close to the flawlessness of a Mercedes Benz. And you’ll never find anything close to the Mercedes Benz rims upgrade set options provided by Wheelshome. Our rims are an upgrade way above any other, and a sure way to boost your rim business.

Wheelshome takes the excellence of Mercedes rims seriously. We set the standards that we feel must be met or exceeded with every Mercedes rim we introduce to the market. We understand that every Mercedes owner is uncompromising. This is the reason why we have been striving to offer nothing but excellence.

Why Wheelshome Rep MERCEDES BENZ Wheels

Wheelshome is always focused on the manufacture and engineering processes of Mercedes Benz Rims. We do this to make sure that the rims mounted on any Mercedes are an undeniable upgrade over the wheels being taken off. Our rims exhibit both quality and style in all ways.

We are very strict with every single specification on our Mercedes Benz products. We pay keen attention to details such as offsets, and specs to determine how the rims will fit in the wheels in relation to the suspension. Our offsets come in different variations depending on the model, the year of manufacture and sizes of the wheels.

We therefore manufacture thousands of rim variations for every design to make sure there is a match for every size and style. Every rim we produce is created to be the best upgrade in each aspect of advanced wheel tech. We never compromise.

Besides compatibility, Mercedes Benz rims from Wheelshome are made strategically in tune with every Mercedes Benz design rationale. This guarantees a perfect balance between function and form. We deal with stylish designs that will give you both timelessness and cutting edge functionality. This is to say that we will help you to make a statement with your Mercedes Benz.

Wheelshome will not only add a sensible flair to your car, but will also provide a smooth and stable drive down any road. We welcome you to explore our Mercedes Benz rim options.

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The Number One Leading Manufacturer of Mercedes Benz Rims

The Mercedes Benz Quality Accessory Rims Packages from Wheelshome offers stylish designs for upgraded performances. Depending on your target market, we present you with different options to choose from.

With more than 18 year experience in this industry, we promise you nothing but high quality aftermarket wheels.

Our foundation is built on trustworthy services and quality craftsmanship.

We do not only offer Mercedes rims, but also rims for other car models.

Therefore, if you’re looking to expand your rims business, Wheelshome is your answer. We are flexible and will help you increase your stock.

We only supply quality rims, all of which are incomparable when it comes to durability and performance.

Wheelshome Mercedes Rims include cast mono-block alloys (light), forged rotary rims and multiple piece rims featuring spoke casts and forged barrel hubs.

The engineering processes of our rims takes place inside our most advanced rim industries. The surfaces are durable with finishes such as matte, gunmetal and glossy black. We also incorporate the traditional chrome and silver. All of our rims are processes to ensure that they pass the test of time.

At Wheelshome Industries, we have been voted as the best dealers simply because we understand the uniqueness of Mercedes Benz. Trust our expertise in helping you select the best rims for your Mercedes Benz.


FAQs on Mercedes Benz Rims

How Much Will It Cost To Start a Mercedes Benz Rims Business?

Over the year, the price of wholesale Mercedes rims and the cost of shipping them from the factory has dramatically changed.  This is mainly caused by a change in the production regulation and an introduction of new technologies that have resulted in an emergence of new rim trends. Issues such as the depletion of some lead weight wheels, and customer’s desire for larger rims has increased the cost of rims.

If your target market demands larger or fancier rims such as the run-flats, or if your customers need rare sizes, expect to invest more money.

You should however, expect to set aside a starting capital of anything between $10,000 to $30,000. If you want to include mounting and balancing services in your business, you will be required to invest a little bit more for hiring extra skills. You will need craftsmen who understand aspect ratios and rim diameter.

Bottom line is, depending on the services you intend to offer in your business, you will need to conduct some ground.


Where Can I Source For Mercedes Benz Rims?

For the production of light alloy wheels, Mercedes Benz only trusts the best producers and manufacturers in the world. These are companies that have a lot of know-how and are able to produce rims according to the strict specifications of the Mercedes brand.

There are numerous test procedures conducted on all current productions of Mercedes Benz rims that are meant to ensure that the highest standards of production are met. These test procedures include inspecting the raw materials at the time of delivery and during processing, 100% x-ray inspections, sturdiness tests, continuous monitoring of concentricity throughout the machining phase, and a close inspection of the painting process.

Below, find a list of the top aluminum alloy rim manufacturers globally, where you can source for factory direct rims. Based on your location, the size of your target markets, your brand awareness and the volume of your business, you can source for factory direct Mercedes rims from:


This is a family owned and operated business founded in 1962. The BORBET Company has its base operations in Germany’s Sauerland region, and is the worldwide leader the production of light alloy rims.


This group is commercially active in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. They supply their products to every big Japanese car manufacturer and all General Motors operating within the OEM market. They also supply to individual consumers in automotive aftermarkets.

  • Ronal Wheels

This company is among the world’s leading distributers of rims in the OEM and aftermarket for all types of automotive.

  • CITIC Dicastal

This company was initially the DICASTAL MANUFACTURING CO. It is the first aluminum producer in mainland China, initiated by the CITIC group back in 1988. Today, CITIC Dicastal is the biggest supplier of aluminum rims all over the world.

  • Wheelshome

With more than 18 years in the wheel production industry, Wheelshome supplies various designs of custom rims throughout China and all over the world.


What is The Difference Between OEM Rims and Aftermarket Rims

A lot of distributors today do not know how to differentiate between these two. Here’s the explanation.

OEM Rims:

Rims that are originally from the manufacturer are known as OEM, short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are rims that are made by the original manufacturer of the car, such as Mercedes Benz.

Aftermarket rims:

These are replicas of the original OEM. They are referred to as “non-OEM” rims. They are made by private or third party manufacturers. Aftermarket rims are designed in such a way that it is hard to tell them apart from the original rims.

You can easily differentiate the two because aftermarket rims do not have the OEM logo or the Manufacturers Part Number. You can find this stamped inside the original rim.

This does not mean that aftermarket rims are of low quality. In fact, you will rarely notice the difference in quality. A lot of rim retailers today will never know the difference just by looking at the rim.


Does Mercedes Benz Sell Rims?

Yes, Mercedes Benz does sell rims to supplier and distributers in the aftermarkets all over the world.

Rims from Mercedes-Benz are made for custom-fittings.

A factory OEM rim from Mercedes Benz is produced with a primary goal of quality and safety. They are made to exhibit:

  • Strength in hazardous roads (potholes, etc.).
  • Durability for enduring road salts, acids used in car wash and chemicals
  • Toughness for fewer recalls and warranty claims.
  • A good safety margin and good weight to support the vehicle and its passengers
  • A proper fitness for a good balance between the braking and suspension systems

Every year, Mercedes Benz manufacturers conduct millions of tests while investing millions of dollars in the development and research on their rims. They do this to make sure that every rim in their production unit can bear the rigors of daily driving!


What Are Mercedes-Benz Rims Made Of?

Although alloy rims are not the most common equipment in modern models from Mercedes Benz, it is quite noticeable that most models from Mercedes-Benz are fitted with Alloy rims.

Alloy rims are manufactured using a blend of magnesium, aluminum plus a small percentage of nickel.


What Is the Difference Between Alloy Wheels And Premium Wheels?

Steel wheels are standardly sold for high volume vehicle models. Nevertheless, manufacturers will often produce upgrades for premium and alloy wheels. This offers performance as well as aesthetic upgrade from other standard steel wheel cars.

Premium rims are basically alloy rims with some chrome fitted on top of the alloy. The main difference between alloy and premium rims is purely in their aesthetic.

It is also worth mentioning that apart from better performance, aluminum alloy rims are easier to produce.  They can therefore be customized to feature different patterns covering a big range of aesthetic possibilities.

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