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Wheelshome is the leading distributor of aftermarket Land Rover rims and Land Rover alloy wheels. We stock a full line of originally reconditioned Land Rover rims and alloy wheels.

We deal with all types of Land Rover rims and Land Rover alloy wheels. Visit our website and scroll through hundreds of Land Rover rims and wheels, all at factory direct prices.

Wheelshome offers the biggest selection of original factory alloy (OEM) wheels and Land Rover rims. All of our products are reconditioned according to the Land Rover products specifications. We are a world leader in the distribution of original aftermarket wheels and rims. You can trust in us for 100% satisfaction guarantee and the best customer service for aftermarket alloy wheels and Land Rover rims.

Why Wheelshome Rep Land Rover Wheels

Wheelshome applies professionalism in rim mounting mechanisms, plus a computerized balancing system. Our wheels and rims are then carefully wrapped and shipped to retailers all over the world.

With thousands of Land Rover rims and wheel sets available in our showrooms, you are always assured of finding the latest wheel upgrade models in our stores. In case you do not find the sets of wheels and rims suitable for your target market on our website, you can call the numbers provided for a customized package.

Wheelshome presents you with the most competitive prices for complete sets of Land Rover alloy wheels and Land Rover rims. We also customize Land Rover alloy wheel and rim sets with second hand low mileage rims for budget retailers.

We are among the largest family owned OEM Land Rover replacement rim/wheel producers in the world.

Our team has a combined experience of over 80 years. There is no one in the Land Rover wheel industry who understands Land Rover alloy wheel and Land Rover rims better than us.

Wheather you are looking to expand your business, are looking for complete wheel sets to start a business, or are looking for a Land Rover wheel and rim combination for special customer requests, feel free to call us for any take. If we are unable to satisfy your order, nobody else can!

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A World Leader In The Manufacture of Land Rover Alloy Wheels and Land Rover Rims

Everybody wants a better life, and this will never change. Exquisite life needs a good taste of Land Rover rims and Land Rover Alloy wheels!

Wheelshome is made up of a committed team of wheel experts, focused on excellent service delivery to thousands of retailers worldwide. We integrate modern and stylish elements with sensible tech into the production of Land Rover wheels and rims, so that the end products are nothing short of running artworks.

The working principles of Wheelshome are founded on consistent adherence to the highest standards and requirements set by the Land Rover brand. We are committed to preserving the original intent of the Land Rover name, and to protecting the sincere beauty of Land Rover alloy wheels and Land Rover rims.

Greatness demands persistence. This is why we are so keen on keeping the original Land Rover intent in mind. This way, we have been able to maintain strife meant to build our brand. Wheelshome is a growing dream.

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