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BMW Alloy Wheels for Your Business

If you’re looking to add BMW alloy wheels to your store, you need reliable alloy wheels suppliers.

Unfortunately, there is a slew of wheel manufacturers to choose from; thereby, you need to weed a few of them out.

Luckily, at Wheelshome, we’re more than dependable. With more than 18 years, you bet you can trust us. And you’re guaranteed to get outstanding alloy wheels.

Whether you’re starting your business or a seasoned wheels seller, Wheelshome is what you need right now. Our prices are not only fair but negotiable.

Most importantly, we guarantee high-quality BMW alloy rims for all BMW models.

We keep updating new styles for BMW replica wheels for X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7.New moulds and new designs will be offered in Wheelshome.Classic BMW replica wheels will be offered in the  same time.

Before buying BMW replica wheels from Wheelshome,pls tell us the year of your bmw and your bmw car name for exmaple BMW F30 or BMW G20.Because old bmw car year before 2016 are mostly 5-120,but new bmw are PCD 5 holes 112.

Why Wheelshome Rep BMW Wheels

As a business selling BMW alloy wheels, the last thing you need is to disappoint your customer with low-quality wheels.

Instead, it would help if you win their trust with high-quality, trustworthy wheels that will last many years. This way, they can refer you to other customers. Don’t you think that would be an amazing organic referral?

Of course, you do.

Wheelshome offers different kinds and different styles of bmw replica wheels.17 inch bmw replica wheels,18 inch bmw replica wheels,19 inch bmw replica wheels,20 inch bmw replica wheels,21 inch bmw replica wheels,22 inch bmw replica wheels,23 inch bmw replica wheels.And many styles like bmw 433 replica wheels,bmw 437m replica wheels,bmw 666m replica wheels,bmw 763m replica wheels,bmw csl replica wheels,bmw m2 replica wheels,bmw m3 replica wheels,bmw m4 replica wheels,bmw m5 replica wheels,bmw m6 replica wheels,bmw oem wheels replica and so on

So let’s be the trustworthy BMW alloy wheels manufacturers you’ve been looking for.  We are here to negotiate with you in every way possible.

custom alloy wheel

Wheelshome – The Best Wheels Supplier in China

With more than 18 years of supplying high-quality rims, Wheelshome offers incomparable durability and performance.

Whichever type of BMW replica wheels you need, Wheelshome boasts of all kinds of spoke styles, designs, and wheel sizes.  It can be a replica, forged, or even cast wheels.

Modernized designs are our schtick. We have the best, coolest wheel designs for your BMW customers. Why should you limit them to a handful of designs? Let them have fun with the kinds of aesthetic designs that catch their eyes.

At Wheelshome, we have a great team of amazing designers who are always updating their incredible designs.

We always go the whole nine yards to be as creative as possible. We borrow inspiration from all walks of life. It can be artistry we saw in a movie or a landscape we saw while on vacation.

It doesn’t matter as long as the designs are unique and eye-catchy. We combine this with the engineering sides of things to make sure the wheels last many years.

If you choose to work with Wheelshome, you won’t have to worry about shortage of wheels. This is because we have more than 30,000+ wheel on standby, ready for shipping.

We are also versatile with the car brands whose wheels we produce. We manufacture aftermarket and replica wheels for Audi, Porsche, BMW, Benz, and several others.

Better yet, we offer warranties of up to eight (8) years, with an option of extending.


FAQs on BMW Alloy Wheels

As a wheels business owner, you need a trustworthy alloy wheels supplier. This usually prompts you to ask questions, some of which rarely get answered.

Luckily though, we’ll be looking at commonly asked questions regarding BMW alloy wheels suppliers. So let’s get right into it.

What Is The Best Brand Of BMW Aftermarket Wheels?

The rule of thumb is to never go with “no-name” wheels – no matter how affordable or cheaper they are.

Right off the bat, some of the best aftermarket brands for BMW rims include:

  1. BBS – Arguably the lightest rims
  2. Konig – The most popular aftermarket brand
  3. Wheelshome– The most affordable, without compromising on quality
  4. OZ Racing – Well, you guessed it. The best for racing cars
  5. TSW Wheels – They have the best, high-quality BMW wheels

Basically, there are lots of other brands too. You need to do a little digging. Do your research before picking what’s right for YOU.

Can You Put Aftermarket Rims On A BMW?


Image source: creative commons

Of course, you can put aftermarket rims on BMW. You need to check for offset, wheel fitment, load rating, brake caliper clearance, center bore, and size. All these factors have to be compatible with your BMW model.

This means researching, A LOT.

For most noobs, it’s easy to get it wrong the first time. Which is why you need some guidance from your local wheels distributer.

Other than having the right licenses, try and find out where they get their wheels from. Who are their wheels supplier? Where do the tires come from? Ask anything you don’t understand. Just don’t be glib or unmannered about it.

Anyways, for BMW aftermarket wheels replacement, it is best to choose seasoned suppliers. Those who have been in wheels business many years.

Why Do BMW Alloys Crack?


Image from creative commons 


Well, like any other wheels brand, the BMW alloy wheels may crack if you’re using the wrong tires and wheels. At the same time, if you’re a bad driver, your BMW wheels may crack, mainly due to potholes.

Therefore, always watch out for potholes, get the right wheels for your specific car model, and be a good driver.

Also, it is imperative to note that BMW is popular for its run-flat tires. Which is stylish and effective on roads. However, the run-flat tires have proven to add stress on the wheels, resulting in cracking.

The solution? Switch the traditional BMW tires and wheels to offload the stress and strain on the OEM wheels.

Where to Get BMW Wheels Suppliers

For the best price and a versatile portfolio on types of wheels, you can take the Chine route. The best alloy wheels wholesale prices are by manufacturing companies based in China.

While the wheels are of the same high quality as the OEM, maybe even better, alloy and custom wheels from China are more affordable. That’s why suppliers like Wheelshome come in handy.

Are Aftermarket BMW Wheels Made In China Safe?

Yes, BMW wheels made in China are very safe. By the time wheels reach the United States or North America, for that matter, it means they have undergone gruesome testing and certification.

China has become a destination where carmakers like BMW are subcontracting the manufacture of their wheels. The processing is cheaper for the car companies; however, they ensure to retain and maintain the high-quality designs and raw materials.

That is, while the wheels are manufactured in China, the designing and processing are done by the original company.

It is only labor and location that’s different. Everything else is the same. The quality is the same, with the exact same profile and characteristics. And that’s probably why 90 percent of car wheels are made in China.

Is It Worth Stocking BMW Wheels Made In China?

Definitely yes. Getting BMW alloy wheels from China is not only cheaper and much more affordable, but the wheels are of high quality.

The misconception that “made in china” wheels are somewhat less quality is a thing of the past.

Most carmakers are actually outsourcing the manufacture of their OEM tires to China. This shows approved trust between carmakers like BMW and Chinese wheel makers.

Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to stock your wheels shop with wheels supplied from China. A perfect example is Wheelshome, which has been in the wheels business for more than 18 years.

Is Wheelshome Good Quality?

With more than 18 years of supplying high-quality wheels, Wheelshome offers incomparable durability and performance.

Whichever type of BMW wheels you need, Wheelshome boasts of all kinds of spoke styles, designs, and wheel sizes.  It can be a replica, forged, or even cast wheels.

And when it comes to shipping quantity, we’re here to sort you out. We’re always stocked with more than 30,000+ wheels on our warehouses, ready for shipping.

Other reasons why Wheelshome should be your go-to BMW alloy wheels supplier include:

  • We supply popular brands – Audi, Benz, Porsche, BMW, etc.
  • Full ranges of alloy wheels for your choice
  • Low MOQ from 4pcs to kick off your business
  • Every wheel undergoes RAY scan and Helium Leakage tests
  • Warranty of extendable eight years!

Why Are BMW OEM Rims So Expensive?

OEM wheels are more expensive than aftermarket wheels because the carmakers usually subcontract the manufacture of their wheels.

Contrary to popular belief, companies like BMW do not make their own wheels. This means the final OEM wheels will be costlier than aftermarket wheels.

Now, when it comes to aftermarket alloy wheels, the prices are cheaper because the wheels manufacturers are not selling the wheels directly to dealers.

The other reason BMW’s OEM wheels are more expensive than aftermarket wheels is complicated engineering processes. The BMW carmakers perhaps used state-of-the-art machinery to test the tires. This adds up to the overall cost of the final BMW wheels.

Are BMW Aftermarket Wheels As Good As OEM?

Well, this is debatable. It depends on the type of wheels, where the wheels were manufactured, and whether the replica wheels fit or not.

BMW Aftermarket Wheels


BMW’s OEM Wheels

In most cases, BMW’s OEM wheels are considered safer than aftermarket wheels. But that’s a popular opinion. As a matter of fact, aftermarket and replica BMW wheels are manufactured using similar designs from the parent carmaker.

The intention is to make sure that the BMW wheels you find on the market are of the same high quality as the OEM. Even the carmaker doesn’t want its customers to get low-quality wheels.

Therefore, both the OEM and aftermarket BMW wheels provide the same fitment and compatibility to your car.

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