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Whichever Audi or VW model you have, Wheelshome provides you with the alloy wheels your car needs.

Our pricing is fair and we’re more than willing to negotiate according to the orders. We also have time to discuss the delivery process of our factory to where you are – irrespective of the country.

Yes, we supply worldwide. Although headquartered in China, we supply to all countries – North America, Europe, South America, Africa etc.

Therefore, if you need any type of alloy wheels for your Audi and Volkswagen car, Wheelshome is your best bet. Send us your inquiries.


As a manufacturer of alloy wheels for various car models, we always have thousands of wheels in store awaiting shipping.

This means that, once you make an order, you won’t have to worry about delays.

Also, Wheelshome is never limited when it comes to the types of Audi alloy wheels (designs, replica, color, forged, etc.), thanks to our continuous production.

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Best of all, all our wheels go through a rigorous inspection process. This is to make sure nothing is wrong with any of the wheels. We double check every little detail.

At Wheelshome, we have an incredible and dedicated marketing team.

The department is driven to make sure our customers are satisfied. Whenever there is an issue, we go the whole nine yards to make sure you’re sorted out.

Other than that, our team of engineers are more highly qualified. Actually, they are the best in the alloy wheels purview.

We are always coming up with new ways to make sure the alloy wheels are perfect and that they offer high performance.

Wheelshome offers 8 years warranty for replica audi&VW wheels

custom alloy wheel

Wheelshome – Your Leading Rep Audi&VW Wheels Supplier in China

Our services span over 18 years. And counting. Over the years, we’ve offered nothing but high quality aftermarket wheels.

This is actually the reason why we keep going. It pushes us to come up with better and improved alloy wheels.

And yes, we don’t just offer Audi and Volkswagen wheels, but also for other car models. But if you need wheels for whichever Audi model you own, we have the rims.

Therefore, if you’re looking to expand your wheel business, Wheelshome is your answer. We are flexible and will help you increase your stock.

We only supply quality wheels, all of which are incomparable when it comes to durability and performance.

What are our wheels made of, you ask?

Well, our wheels are at par with most high quality brands out there.

But, most importantly, the wheels are alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and other strong metals. These help guarantee durability as the wheels endure heavy rides.

And that’s not all…

Wheelshome is the best when it comes to modernized designs and aesthetic wheels. You can browse through the website to see some of the amazing and cool wheel designs.

More than that, we offer customized alloy wheels for your Audi and Volkswagen vehicle. Every wheel goes through inspection before being released to the customer.

Therefore, if you want to pimp your Audi or Volkswagen, give us a call. And we’ll help you out.


Audi Alloy Wheels FAQs

Let’s have a look at commonly asked questions on Audi wheels.


Can You Buy Audi Aftermarket Wheels?


Of course you can buy and pimp your ride with Audi aftermarket wheels. You only need to get the right set of wheels.

As much as the OEM Audi wheels your car came with are okay, the aftersales wheels are pretty cool. And with the right wheels, you’ll be improving your ride – better steering, and lighter rides.

There are lots of alloy wheels for your Audi. Most of which come in different shapes, sizes and designs.

You need to find what works for your specific car model.

It’s not only about the size of the alloy wheels. But you also need to check out other aspects like: offset, backspacing, hub bore, etc.

Therefore, you need to do some research before picking a wheel for your Audi.


Which Brand Offers the Best Audi Aftermarket Alloy Wheels?


Some of the best brands for aftermarket wheels include the likes of Konig, BBS, Enkei, OZ racing, and Wheelshome.

All these companies offer high quality aftermarket wheels, both alloy and customized. The designs are amazing too.

But that’s not all, their wheels pass the DOT (department of transportation) requirements.

That is, the aftermarket are not only adherent to weight and speed ratings, but they’ve been designed to improve your car’s handling.

So which specific aftermarket wheels brand should you pick for your Audi?

Well, that depends on a number of factors (car model, design, wheel’s weight, pricing, etc.). But, it’s advisable to go for the lightest wheels, especially if other factors are comparable between the brands.

So, to put it easy for you, Konig and Wheelshome offers the best value for money.

Apart from positive customer reviews, the wheels are built to handle heavy usage. Hence longevity.


Are Audi Wheels Aluminum?

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Most car wheels, including Audi, are made of aluminum and steel materials. But the most common is cast aluminum alloy. Which is stronger than steel wheels.

The cast alloy wheels are also lightweight and can withstand heat better than steel. Better yet, the aluminum alloy wheels offer enhanced performance and you can’t doubt their amazing designs.

What materials are used in alloy alongside aluminum? Well, that will be magnesium and other non-ferrous metals to help strengthen the Audi wheels.

What’s even better is that Audi has taken things much further.

In 2021, the carmaker Volkswagen (Audi’s manufacturer) announced a pilot project to make wheels made of low CO2 aluminum.

The wheels will first be tested on Audi E-Tron GT. The intention is to reduce CO2 emissions while improving aerodynamic efficiency.

This is achievable by mounting 2-3 millimeters blades on the wheels. It covers the Audi wheels, which gives a special propeller-shaped design.

The resultant effect is improved driving experience.

Still, aftermarket wheels are equally effective, especially if you’re looking for a customized design.

Unlike the OEM Audi wheels, you’re not limited to either design or size. You have all the freedom to forge a wheel of your specific needs.


How Much Does 4 Alloy Wheels Cost?


It depends on the type of wheels, design and brand. But on average, Audi alloy wheels go for 300 bucks per wheel.

Some of the high quality Audi wheels cost as much as $1000 per wheel.

And if you’re looking for the cheapest options, you can get second-hand Audi wheels for as low as $50. But those may not be of high quality.

Therefore, it varies greatly.

Are you looking for something fancy? Or are you basing your wheels search on budget? Or you simply need to replace the Audi wheels with high quality aftermarket wheels.

Whatever it is, experts recommend taking your time searching for exact wheels that will fit your Audi. What’s your model? What size are the wheels?

Do a little homework before buying Audi alloy wheels. Or simply visit your local wheels dealer and ask for some assistance.

There’s more to wheels replacement than simply getting a new set.

You don’t want to lose the car’s ride quality and maneuverability. You also need to retain the car’s safety when driving.

Your local wheels agent should offer you all the right answers regarding Audi alloy wheels.

Oh yes, when picking the right wheels for your Audi, check if the price is inclusive of taxes. And finally, it’s best to get an extra set of wheels – just in case you experience a curb rash.


Do Audi Aftermarket Wheels Affect Ride?

Yes, aftermarket wheels affect your Audi’s ride – by improving its maneuverability and stability.

Contrary to common belief, aftermarket wheels are equally of high quality as the Audi OEM wheels. But with better performance. And they are lighter.

The only drawback with aftermarket alloy Audi wheels is availability. Aftermarket wheels manufacturers are known to discontinue a certain wheel design.

You can’t blame them though.

Such companies are always looking to come up with better alloy wheels for the latest Audi models. So it’s expected of them to discontinue some wheels.

Luckily, with the right wheel manufacturer, you can request for.a customized version of an Audi wheel that had been discontinued.

Thereby, aftermarket wheels offer the kind of flexibility you need.

The only time aftermarket alloy wheels aren’t good for your Audi is when you don’t get it right. What does this mean?

Well, if you install your Audi with alloy wheels without taking aspects like offset, backspacing, size rating etc. into consideration.

For example, without the right guidance, you may end up replacing your Audi’s wheels with bigger rims – all in the name of pursuing visual flairs.

This will affect your ride negatively.


Audi OEM Wheels Vs. Aftermarket, Which Is Better?

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Aftermarket WHEELS

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If you’re looking to make your car lighter, then the aftermarket is best.

But if you don’t want to complicate things, simply search for your Audi model number, and get it from the carmaker’s official wheels dealer.

As for those who prefer to revamp their Audi’s performance, then a good aftermarket wheels brand like Wheelshome is what you need.

The options are variable. And you can get exactly what you need. Audi alloy wheels are not only durable but also offer better maneuverability.

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