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REP 2118 Tesla model Y 20inch Satin black Wheels

  • Color:Satin black
  • Size: 20×9.5
  • Offset:45
  • REP Tesla model Y wheels
  • Special caps wheels
  • 10 spokes with high loading
  • Mainly for model 3/model Y
  • 1:1 copy as original
2118 Model Y 20×9.5 45 5-114.3 64.1 Satin Black

20inch model Y 1:1 copy cast wheels.

100% same as original telsa wheel cap.

High loading 980kg

VIA and JWL passed

We are professional supplier for Tesla model 3/model Y/model s/model X alloy wheels.

Both cast wheels and forged wheels always in stock.

size from 18inch to 22inch.

Wheelshome,your professional alloy wheels supplier in China

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