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Model 874 21inch Porsche Macan GTS Alloy Wheels

  • Color: matt black/matt gunmetal/black machined face/Satin black machined face
  • Size:21×9.5 ET26  21×10 ET19
  • Offset:26/49 original fitment
  • Replica Porsche Macan GTS wheels
  • LOW MOQ and bulk stock
  • Multi spokes with high loading
  • Deep Concave
  • staggered fitment
874 874-1 Macan S 21×9.5 26 5-112 66.45 Satin Black
874 874-2 Macan S 21×10 19 5-112 66.45 Satin Black
874 874-3 Macan S 21×9.5 26 5-112 66.45 BMF
874 874-4 Macan S 21×10 19 5-112 66.45 BMF

This design is replica Porsche Macan GTS and 21inch staggered original specs.

With Multi spokes and strong material,it carries Macan with a high speed no problem.

Only high quality alloy wheels are provided from Wheelshome.

Two colors options are available to choose-Satin black and black machined face.

You will be satisfied them when they put on your Macan.

Porsche colored caps are offered

Why Wheelshome Porsche Macan GTS Wheels?

Wheelshome provides more than 40,000 replica wheels, including BMW replica wheels, Audi replica wheels, Mercedes-Benz replica wheels, Porsche replica wheels, Land Rover replica wheels, Toyota replica wheels, Honda replica wheels, Nissan replica wheels, Volkswagen replica wheels, Skoda replica wheels and so on. wheelshome offers high quality car wheels, of course also Porsche Macan GTS wheels. A good Porsche Macan GTS wheel first needs to have a beautiful appearance, so as to attract the attention of others. This wheel is a very beautiful style, with thin spokes, and the spokes extend to the side to look very slender, and the deep concave shape in the middle makes the wheel very unique. Secondly, a higher load is required. Our Porsche Macan GTS wheel provides a load of 900KG, allowing customers to drive freely after installing the wheel without being constrained by high speed. Finally, an excellent surface treatment is needed. Our Porsche Macan GTS wheel has a paint thickness of 100 microns. This thickness of paint will not peel off the paint during daily car washing and driving, which is more worry-free.
And most importantly, wheelshome provides an 8-year warranty, whether it is paint or wheel structure, as long as it is not man-made damage, we can provide you with warranty services.
So what are you waiting for, come to wheelshome to choose this Porsche Macan GTS wheel.

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