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Model 331 Flowforming HRE P101 Super Light Rims

  • Color: Glossy black/Hyper black/Satin black/Satin Gunmetal
  • Size:18×8.0
  • Offset: 35/45
  • HRE P101 design rims
  • Drift wheels
  • Slim spokes
  • High loading
  • Bulk stock we have/Low MOQ
  • Light wheels
331 17×8.0 30/42 5H 100/120
331 18×8.5 30/42 5H 100/120

Replica HRE P101 Rims
slim design sport wheel.
18″ bulk PCD available.
Good balancing and quality wheels always in stock.
Produced in a TUV approved factory to VIA specifications – you can be assured of the quality.

Wheels Home started from our uncontainable obsession for cars, a passionate commitment that

drove us right at the center of this industry. From the very first day, our goal has been crystal-clear:

to step up to the global platform and offer our services as market leaders.

Two decades of experience later, we succeeded in joining China’s top players focusing on wheels,

delivering without compromise our promises of innovative excellence, providing the full-on

experience our customers were dreaming of.

Today, Wheels Home is still dedicated to maintain its dominant role as the one-stop wheel solutions

brand that people have been looking for. Not a single second goes to waste, from the moment our

customers contact us to the final delivery and after-sales service, taking no more than 7 days.

Knowledge, Full control, Perfection – our core beliefs.

As relentless innovators, from product design and development to the most advanced

manufacturing processes, we constantly strive to strengthen and refine what makes Wheels Home

unique in the auto industry, staying up-to-date and exploring the newest trends to give our

customers a taste of the future.

Being innovative is in our nature, but to make sure every single wheel delivers a first-class

“Wheelshome” experience, our Quality Control team is on a mission to reach perfection, and our

efficient after-sales services make sure every single customer and user enjoys absolute satisfaction.

Capacity is something we and our customers have never worried about: thirty thousand pieces in

stock are ready to go at any minute, and our 24/7 customer hotline provides what is needed to

assist whatever request they might have.

Of course, providing “the best” is not just for every one, but Wheels Home knows how to keep its

word: working day and night to bring these promises to life and offering an unparalleled experience

in terms of quality, design, and top-notch customer service.

Because Perfection is our Home, and you can believe us, its more than just Wheels.

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