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How to Import Alloy Wheels from China?

Retailers, wholesalers and traders planning to start their own alloy wheel business or to regulate supplies, have an option to import alloy wheels from China. This is true since China has a well-developed wheel manufacturing industry. Being a global exporter in various categories, the export system is highly developed making it an ideal option for importing alloy wheels.

Why Choose China for Alloy Wheels Import?

The export industry in China is probably the most developed in the world. According to Statista, China’s good exports totaled a record high of about $2.6 trillion (higher than the US) despite the global Coronavirus pandemic. This proves how efficient the export industry in China is.

The global automotive wheel industry is highly dependent on China for its development. Most automobile parts, including alloy wheels are produced in China. China’s output of the automotive wheel lies annually above 7%. In China, alloy wheels are produced by independent manufacturers such as Wheelshome. Once produced, the alloy wheels are supplied to customers such as retailers, wholesalers and independent buyers.

With so many independent manufacturers emerging in China, prices for alloy wheels have become quite competitive. This means that there is a great chance to get the best offer for alloy wheels and that too of good quality.

import alloy wheels for lamborghini

 Importing from a Suitable Supplier – An 8-Step Guide by Wheelshome

Mentioned below are the 8 simple steps of importing alloy wheels for businesses and car owners. These steps would help protect retailers and wholesalers, especially when setting up their businesses.

1.Begin by Writing Technical Requirements

Firstly, it is important to determine the main reason for import. The end buyer might be an independent wheel enthusiast. In the case of retailers and wholesalers, it should be considered if a task needs improvement or a new product needs to be created. An analysis of the costs helps decide upon the future direction. It’s important to make a list of your own requirements so that you are always on the track to get suitable products because it is nearly impossible to send back the products if they are slightly different.

2.Search for Suitable Wheels’ Suppliers

Much consideration needs to be carried out when deciding upon potential suppliers. It is worthwhile to analyze the long-term benefits of working with a third-party institution as it could greatly reward or limit the progress of your small-scale business. Once the needs are assessed and costs analyzed, develop the strategy. Decide upon what suppliers or vendors can be more beneficial by approaching them.

3.Ask Suppliers for Offers

Asking suppliers for appropriate offers greatly helps in finalizing the best supplier. Different suppliers have different offers. Some may not be beneficial for small-scale retailers and wholesalers. Share all your product, quality, and shipping requirements to get personalized quotations.

4.Compare All the Suppliers and Their Offers

The offers provided by suppliers help in finding out the best option. Prices are compared along with the facilities that they offer. Some suppliers may have more to offer than the others for the same cost. Going through reviews online helps in finding the best quality suppliers.

5.Consider Their Online Presence

It is always better to browse through the online platforms related to the supplier. Going through their social media not only helps with reviews but gives a good understanding of how they work. For instance, Wheelshome has provided all information related to alloy wheels on its website and regularly keeps its audience up to date whether it’s about products or trends in the wheels industry. This is helpful for online visitors to have a complete idea of what is available for purchase and how it differs from competitors.

6.Negotiate With Shortlisted Suppliers

Once the best supplier options are shortlisted, the next step is to negotiate with them. Writing down expectations with clarity, options for auditing, discussing the consequences in case of a risk and any preplanned actions are some of the points that can set a smooth sailing for both parties. Storing and disposing of customer information should be ethically regulated.

7.Discuss Standard Shipping Procedures

Shipping alloy wheels can be costly due to the increased chances of scratching and damage. Hence, taking the help of the logistics of a courier company is useful. It is best to discuss the facilities available for shipping such as air or ocean freight and the related costs. Shipping durations of the different modes should also be kept into consideration.

8.Quality Check Alloy Wheels

Once alloy wheels are received, it is best to check them, especially after long shipping distances. This is meant to countercheck if the product received is the one ordered and of the same quality as claimed by the supplier.

 How Wheelshome Can Help Your Business?

Wheelshome welcomes any parties that may be looking forth to import alloy wheels. We have been manufacturing all sorts of wheels for over two decades and have mastered the art of delivering what is sought in the market by car owners. We have experienced teams in R&D, Production, customer service, and freight forwarding to helping you. Our products have been made available to many retailers, wholesalers, car owners, dealers and traders, worldwide.

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