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How forged wheels are made in WHEELSHOME factory

Concerning the process of how forged wheels are made, which is mainly about forcing a solid billet of aluminum between the forging dies under an extreme amount of pressure. This creates a finished product that is very dense, strong and therefore can be very light. For completely understanding the basic principle of how forged wheels are made in our factory, it is of great importance to start from the material and detailed size of the wheel, which normally used for production.

Processing blanks

WHEELSHOME Forged wheels are made of aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum forged into a proprietary forging design. After forcing and pressing the blank, we will get these semi-finished products. We could know the certain size width, offset, PCD and how concave this wheel will be before we produce.

CNC tuning

Secondly, the semi-finished product will be sent to CNC tuning process. The phase will show you how forged wheels are made in tuning machine. The wheel blank will be CNC turned to form a round and smooth surface, forming a profiled blank. Which is machined according to customer-specific requirements, such as specific concave or flat pattern, and designated offset face.

CNC milling

Then we will send it to front/back/spoke side CNC milling. Front CNC includes front face patterns, windows, and spokes. This procedure can take days to complete based on the pattern of the wheel. Back CNC we may drill the model number, wheel specs, loading or whatever customer requests at back or wheel back lip. Spoke side CNC to make the wheel much lighter, can help customers to save oils and have more power to drive.

Quality control

Then WHEELSHOME meticulously inspects every wheel to guarantee how forged wheels are made in a good quality. The machinist conducted inspections on every wheel to ensure precision before proceeding to the next step.

All Wheels go through a unique process that relief all stresses, removal sharp edges through a proprietary automated peening and polishing process.  This process not just relieves all the tensile stress generated during machining, it also relieves all the internal stresses during the forging process thus improved fatigue strength (longer life) of the wheel. Since this process is done after all the major machining work, the resulting wheel after this process is a very stable object with no further mechanical distortion possibilities. The wheel is then sent to the final fine turning for absolute perfect roundness and hub centricity.


Finally, the final work of how forged wheels are made is painting. All wheels are coated with special formulated powders, colored coatings, and clear coatings. The powders are a type of polymer that bakes onto the wheel surfaces designed to form a hard surface . Some other factories they don’t paint powder coat or clear coat for saving the cost, which will drop painting after driving a while, and thus causing inconvenience to customers.

After painting, we will air-dry the wheels and pack them good into the packages.
So this is exactly how forged wheels are made in WHEELSHOME factory.

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