How Alloy Wheels Impact the Performance of Your Ride? – A Starter’s Guide

The automobile industry is riding, in delight, over the alloy wheels – quite literally. It is primarily because alloy wheels are known to improve ride performance. Various factors are related to alloy wheels which result in boosting the overall performance of a vehicle.

Usually, much consideration is put into buying a vehicle. Depending on the needs of the user, some may opt for an affordable car, refurbished, high-performance luxury rides, and even a daily use ride that may compromise on certain features. However, wheels may need to be pondered upon. When a high-performance ride is desired, the choice of a vehicle may be aided by the use of alloy wheels.

high performance alloy wheels

 The Lightweight High Performance of Alloy Wheels

Not only are alloy wheels a sight for sore eyes, in comparison to steel wheels, but there’s more to alloy wheels than what meets the eye. Unlike the conventional steel wheels, the alloy wheels have a reduced weight almost by 20%. This weight reduction drastically improves acceleration which translates as an improved ride performance.

Do Alloy Wheels Improve Braking?

Braking can have a significant effect due to alloy wheels allowing ease of airflow to the brake discs. This means that effective braking is, thus, achieved at shorter distances. In addition, vehicle handling is more manageable, hence, car steering turns out smooth. The suspension components are less strained.

Impact on Driving Experience

Less frequent jerks are experienced with alloy wheels which are attributed to reduced weight. For a person riding a car, this means that they experience less turbulence; any impacts from a bumpy road surface are greatly reduced.

Invest in Performance Wheels

There’s a saying that lauds the benefits of a good quality, which is initially heavy on the pocket but goes a long way. Alloy wheels are a one-time investment that is on your wallets in the longer run. This is, especially, in light of the reduced petrol consumption that results from improved vehicle performance.

Although, one of the glaring problems with alloy wheels is that they are slightly more prone to damage in place of steel wheels; however, the life expectancy of alloy wheels can be increased. Curb rashes and slight damages can be repaired frequently for a longer life expectancy.

As mentioned above, the advantages of alloy wheels over steel wheels are huge, let’s look a bit into the making of alloy wheels.

How Alloy Wheels are Manufactured?

Alloys are a mixture of two or more metals that result in a product more desirable than the constituent metals. In the case of alloy wheels, aluminum and magnesium are the major metals mixed with traces of silica. The resultant alloy is lighter than steel. Hence, an alloy wheel weighs much lighter than a steel alternate of the same size.

How Wheel’s Size Impact the Performance

Simply put, a large wheel means more weight. Increased inertia will impact the vehicle’s acceleration rate and the overall performance of the ride. A shift in the center of gravity – from a smaller wheel diameter – would be similar to that of a sports car to a heightened truck.

Although, the effect is more pronounced in high-performance luxury rides, yet the performance of regular daily vehicles also bears an impact. A rolling resistance, due to the increased width, does increase road holding, however, elevated fuel consumption is inevitable.

Changing wheel size should be a thoroughly analyzed decision, which depends entirely on the use of the vehicle and the demands of the rider. At times, though, changing a wheel type such as going from steel to alloy wheel might just make the right impact on the performance for the rider and a pleasant sight to behold.

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