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If you are searching for a reliable deep dish alloys manufacturer and supplier, Wheelsome can be your perfect choice. We are capable to provide you the different brands of deep dish alloy, whether from your own wheels designs or choose from our stock.

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Why Wheelhome Replica Wheel

As one of the outstanding deep dish alloys suppliers, Wheelshome has been in this alloy wheels industry for 18+ years. We can provide huge stock deep dish alloy wheels and accessories for different brands. When you want our products for your market, Wheelshome is always at your service.

With our good quality deep dish alloys and other wheels products, Wheelshome has gained a reputation and earned customers` trust. Every wheel is quality checked by Helium Leakage test and X-RAY scan before the delivery. Send now your order list and allow Wheelshome to do the rest.

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wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Wheelshome – Your Leading Deep Dish Alloys Supplier in China

Wheelshome is the best deep dish alloy manufacturer and supplier for different brands. We provide a full range of deep dish alloy wheels and ship them all over the world. If you are looking for reliable deep dish alloys for your car or related business, feel free to deal with us.

Wheelshome deep dish alloys are available with depths from 1″ up to 13″, SUVs, cars, and 4×4’s. We can provide the perfect fit or best dish depths for different car brands.

This unique wheel can totally enhance the vehicle`s appearance and make them cool. It`s shiny and eye-catching as well. Therefore, this will absolutely complete the look of any vehicle with your brand.

As your one-stop deep dish alloys manufacturer and supplier, Wheelshome has the capacity to supply large stock of deep dish alloys wheels and accessories. We have been in this industry for more than 18 years, so we can assure a hassle-free service to every client.

Choosing our deep dish alloys will skyrocket your brand. Wheelshome is willing to be at your service when you need any alloy wheels.

Serving customers with good quality alloy wheels, especially our deep dish alloys, help us earned a reputation in this industry. Each wheel design is inspected by X-RAY scan and Helium Leakage test to ensure quality.

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Deep Dish Alloy Wheels: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

Deep dish alloy wheels refer to types of rims designed to provide maximum depth of the tire to enable the wheel body to protrude from the sides of the vehicle.

These rims are specialized wheels mostly installed on performance vehicles with the primary purpose of providing an enhanced appearance.

In today’s guide, I will answer all you questions about deep dish alloy wheels.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Difference Between Deep Dish Alloy Wheels And Regular Wheels?

Deep Dish Alloy Wheel

A vehicle With Deep Dish Wheels

Deep dish alloy wheels are quite unique and easy to point out when installed in any car due to their distinguished structural and visual properties.

They differ from regular wheels in many aspects, as explained below;

The outer lip on a regular wheel is in front of spokes, which means there is no barrel, which connects the spokes to the outer lip.

On the other hand, deep dish rim has a reasonable amount of distance between outer lip and the spokes. Thus, there is a barrel connecting the spokes to the outer lip.

Another significant difference is that deep dish alloy wheels are wider than regular rims.

Ideally, the essence of deep dish wheels is purely for cosmetic purposes since they drastically alter the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Regular rims, on the other hand, are designed for different driving and motoring applications, including off-road and rough terrains.

In essence, the design of regular rims is to provide practicality and reliability when driving the car in different conditions.

A Regular Wheel

An Image Of A Regular Wheel

What Are The Advantages Of Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

The main advantage of using deep dish alloy wheels is that they offer a stunning visual appearance to the vehicle.

Ideally, the design of these rims allows them to give the vehicle an enhanced appearance, which is essential, especially for car enthusiasts.

These rims essentially provide an extreme and, at times, a negative offset, which guarantees an extravagant appearance.

Another advantage of deep dish alloy wheels is that they are unique, making your car stand out among other models.

Deep dish alloy rims are also advantageous in the sense of attaining efficient gas mileage.

Essentially, these wheels are lightweight, which is fundamental because you’ll get better acceleration and braking.

The Lightweightness of A Deep Dish Alloy Wheel enhances it's speed

The Light Weight Of a Deep Dish Alloy Wheel enhances its speed

What Are The Drawbacks Of Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

There are a few disadvantages of deep dish alloy wheels, which tend to be more on functional side.

Some of these cons include the following;

  1. Little backspacing – Technically, this element can make a significant change on the tire scrub radius and affect vehicle handling.
    When a vehicle has an altered scrub radius due to deep dish alloy wheels, it can impact your car handling.An Illustration of Little Backspacing as Experienced with Deep Dish Alloy Wheels
    An Illustration of Little Backspacing Experienced With Deep Dish Alloy Wheels .
  2. Relatively difficult to clean – These rims tend to get dirty quite fast than regular wheels. However, the design construction of deep dish alloy rims makes it a bit challenging to efficiently clean and polish the wheels.
  3. More at risk to curb damage – Ordinarily, deep dish alloy wheels are usually wider than regular rims they replace. Since they have little backspacing, they tend to stick out somewhat further away from the car than OEM alloy wheels.

Thus, these rims subject your wheel flange to more risk of damage resulting from striking a curb while cornering or parking.

What Is The Ideal Tire Profile To Use In Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

The design structure of deep dish alloy wheels requires the use of a relatively low tire profile.

Essentially, these rims are designed to offer maximum tire depth to enable the wheel body itself to protrude from the vehicle sides.

Thus, the most suitable tire profile would be one with a low profile.

What Impacts Do Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Have On Vehicle?

Quite several depending on the size of wheels and how it is installed.

Ideally, when installing these rims, it is necessary to drill holes into wheel hub then attach special instruments to secure the wheels.

Thus, the adjustments are likely to interfere with performance of braking system.

This can be a safety concern since it is critical to ensure the brakes function appropriately and can be replaced as required.

Another aspect of these wheels is that numerous elements related to the tires, such as shocks, brakes, struts, shoes, etc., are located in this area.

Since these parts are consumable products, they need replacement and adjustment over time hence the need to find a qualified technician to repair these wheels.

Ordinarily, deep dish wheels are often wider than the stock rims they replace.

So they tend to stick out further away from your car since they do not have enough backspacing.

Why Are Deep Dish Alloy Rims Ideal For Performance Cars?

The design construction of alloy rims makes it easy to suit performance cars.

Primarily, these rims are lighter and do a relatively better job of dispersing heat from brakes.

They reduce unsprung weight hence transmitting less inertia to the springs.

As this happens, the suspension follows the terrain easily, thereby providing a better grip.

Moreover, deep dish alloy wheels provide better handling, cornering, and maneuvering.

A Performance Vehicle On Deep Dish Alloy Rims

A Performance Car on Deep Dish Alloy Rims

This is attainable since the design of these rims allows for larger diameter tires; hence the wheels improve responsiveness and stability.

Also, these wheels provide better gas mileage since they are lightweight.

You get better acceleration and lower stopping motion, thus reducing strain on the vehicle.

What Are The Main Features Of Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

These rims have several features, but the main ones include the following;

a)      Lightweight

The base materials used for manufacturing deep dish alloy wheels are naturally lightweight.

As such, this reflects on the final product directly, which is critical since it enhances vehicle’s handling, performance, and gas mileage.

b)      Resilient

These wheels can endure different harsh conditions, both environmental and mechanical, without wearing out easily.

They demonstrate remarkable resilience, which is vital since it improves efficiency, reliability, and durability.

c)      Reflective

The various finish options used on these wheels are reflective, which is essential in providing the ideal visual appearance.

Eye Catching Feature Of Deep Dish Alloy Wheel

The Eye-Catching Reflective Nature of This Wheel

d)      High Strength-to-weight Ratio

Essentially, deep dish alloy rims are lightweight but at the same time incredibly strong.

This is important because it allows you to fit them in different vehicle models and still attain the best results possible.

e)      Corrosion-resistant

The finish options applied on the surface of these wheels protect them from rusting.

Ideally, this allows the wheels to maintain an attractive visual appearance for longest time possible.

What Is The Cost Of Deep Dish Alloy Rims?

The cost of these wheels vary depending on a wide range of factors such as the following;

1)      Actual Design

Ideally, you can find deep dish alloy wheels in different designs since most of them are custom-made.

Thus, some designs are relatively expensive than others depending on the specific details incorporated.

Highly customized pieces will be more expensive than less customized ones.

2)      Brand

Several manufacturers produce different deep dish alloy wheels depending.

Therefore, the price often varies based on the specific company since most have different pricing policies.

3)      Quantity

The specific number of wheels you are purchasing from the dealer is a significant cost-determinant factor.

Ordinarily, most manufacturers provide higher discounts when buying several pieces than when purchasing a few units.

Thus, buying more units guarantees you cost-effectiveness than purchasing a few pieces.

4)      Size

Price of purchasing deep dish alloy wheels is also dependent on the particular size you are buying.

Of course, the bigger the size, the costlier the rims, and vice versa.

It is vital to understand that cost is a critical factor consider when purchasing deep dish alloy wheels.

Nonetheless, the price often ranges from $250-$1500 each, depending on the factors mentioned above.

What Is The Suitable Size For Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

Usually, the size of your deep dish alloy wheels is significantly dependent on the specific type of muscle car you are driving.

They are available in different diameters, making it easy to choose the most suitable one for your needs and preference.

In many instances, it is ideal to confirm from a licensed wheel expert regarding the best size of deep dish alloy rims to fit in your car.

The significance of this is that these wheels’ designs tend to alter several aspects of the vehicle; thus vital to consult an expert in determining the best size.

What Is The Difference Between Deep Dish Alloy Wheels And Deep Dish Premium Wheels?

Deep dish alloy wheels are developed from either aluminum or magnesium integrated with other raw materials to build a specific designer metal.

They are lightweight, thus increases car acceleration and enhancing braking.

Moreover, deep dish alloy wheels are easily formed thus can be available in different designs and patterns, covering a significant range of aesthetic sensibilities.

On the other hand, deep dish premium wheels are designs integrated with a chrome finish.

They tend to be more aesthetically appealing than alloy wheels since the chrome effect increases the cosmetic sensibilities.

Primarily, the main difference between these two designs of wheels is purely cosmetic.

Thus, you can use them interchangeably and attain same results.

Deep Dish Alloy Wheels

Deep Dish Alloy Wheels

Deep Dish Premium Wheel

Deep Dish Premium Wheels with Chrome Finish

Are Deep Dish Alloys Rims Durable?


The overall design construction of deep dish alloy wheels is quite involving and integrates different strength elements.

For instance, the customization incorporates several strength additives, which makes it sturdy and resilient.

These wheels have strong resistance to impact and corrosion.

It means they can hardly break, bend, crack or corrode easily when exposed to different harsh mechanical conditions.

Manufacturing process of these wheels is quite intensive to ensure they can withstand abusive handling.

However, the actual durability is dependent on the various conditions of the road and driving styles.

It also depends on the type of vehicle it is installed in and its various specifications.

For example, driving on rough terrain frequently would reduce the overall lifespan of these wheels.

Additionally, adherence to routine maintenance, especially by a professional, also guarantees a longer service lifespan.

In essence, deep dish alloy wheels are relatively durable.

However, the actual durability is dependent on several factors but mainly the driving style, road condition, and type of vehicle.

How Do You Choose The Most Suitable Deep Dish Alloy Wheels For Your Car?

When choosing the most appropriate deep dish alloy rims, you need to figure out some vital factors.

Ideally, these factors make it possible to attain the best results all-round, and the main ones include the following;

Fitment – Always ensure you choose deep dish alloy wheels that can fit perfectly into your vehicle. The main challenge with such wheels is usually fitment since the design calls for altering different elements within the vehicle’s suspension system.

Car weight – Mostly, different types of wheels are designed to handle a specific range of vehicles in terms of weight. When buying these rims, consider the car weight because it is the best way to attain efficiency, safety, and practicality.

Color – Deep dish alloy wheels are available in different color variations. Since the essence of fitting them is to attain a cosmetic aspect, it would be ideal to go for a perfect color, which suits your taste and preference.

Tires – Ideally, the performance tires designed for these rims are the only tires, which can fit on them. Thus, ensure you get the best tires since they determine the overall efficiency and reliability of these rims.

Cost – You should never overlook the price element when choosing the most suitable deep dish alloy wheels for your vehicle. Of course, they are available in different price ranges depending on numerous factors. However, ensure you get units with quality that is worth the value.

Can You Fit Narrower Tires Of Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

Not really.

The design of deep dish alloy wheels provides maximum tire depth to allow the wheel body to protrude from the sides of the vehicle.

Since the wheels are wide, it means you can only fit wider tires.

Are Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Repairable?


In many instances, these wheels are subjected to different mechanical and environmental conditions hence bound to damage.

However, the repair depends on the specific type of damage on the wheels.

For instance, bending is repairable by straightening to allow the rim to align to its balanceable trueness.

If these wheels crack, the easiest and most suitable way to repair them is through welding and CNC machining, depending on the severity of the crack.

In case the rims corrode, the best repair approach would entail priming, painting, and polishing the surface material.

Even so, it is important to evaluate the level of damage on the surface of these wheels to determine whether it would be practical to repair.

In some instances, the extent of damage on these wheels would merely necessitate replacing rather than repairing.

Consult a wheel’s expert to determine whether it would be ideal for repairing or replacing the damaged wheels.

Do Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Come With Center Caps And Lock Nuts?

It depends on the manufacturer you are purchasing from.

Some manufacturers include the center caps and locknuts when you order these wheels.

However, some place these components in a separate order.

Thus, you need to establish from your preferred manufacturer whether they provide center caps and locknuts when you order deep dish alloy wheels.

Can Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Endure Off-Road Conditions?

Not necessarily.

Of course, these wheels are relatively strong since they are built from materials with natural strength.

Thus, they can withstand harsh conditions and abusive handling when subjected to.

However, they are not essentially designed for off-roading.

They provide little backspacing, which makes it difficult to maneuver in relatively rough terrain.

Therefore, they may reduce reliability and efficiency when driving.

What Is The Manufacturing Lead Time For Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

It is dependent on a host of variables such as the following;

Order quantity – The number of sets of deep dish alloy wheels you purchase determines the time it takes to fulfill the order. Ordinarily, the more the pieces, the longer it is likely to take and vice versa.

Manufacturer’s policy – Different companies have varied lead times depending on their respective policies. Some tend to be relatively flexible, whereas others are a bit strict and adhere to stipulated timelines.

Customization level – Customized deep dish alloy rims can take longer depending on the extent of customization you are incorporating. Generally, the more the customization details, the longer the order is likely to take.

Thus, there is no definite production turnaround time for making deep dish allow wheels.

It depends on numerous factors, including the above-mentioned ones.

Moreover, you can always negotiate and agree with the manufacturer on the ideal timelines for producing these wheels.

What Are Surface Finish Options For Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

They are quite several, and the most appropriate one is significantly dependent on your taste and preference.

However, the relatively popular options include the following;

  • Bare polished
  • PVD
  • Machined
  • Painted
  • Powder-coated
  • Chrome

Bare Polished Finish on Deep Alloy Wheel

Bare Polished Finish on Deep Alloy Wheel

Deep Dish Wheel Finished using Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD)

A deep dish wheel finished using physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology

Additionally, you can also find them in several color shades such as black, gray, silver, and bronze.

Nevertheless, black tends to be quite popular option for most muscle cars.

Do Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Need Wheel Balancing?


Essentially, all wheels, irrespective of the design, often need wheel balancing since they are subjected to various mechanical and environmental conditions.

For instance, from time to time, they are subjected to rough terrain bumps, potholes, etc.

Moreover, weight distribution of the vehicle and tread wear cause unevenness in the wheels resulting in uneven tread wear.

Therefore, the need for wheel balancing becomes critical on deep dish alloy rims.

It guarantees efficiency of the wheels and better performance of the vehicle in terms of handling, steering, acceleration, braking, and cornering.

Thus, you need to do wheel balancing on these wheels occasionally between 6-12 months of use, depending on the type of car.

What Are The Quality Testing And Standard Certifications For Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

During the manufacturing and customization of deep dish alloy wheels, they undergo strenuous tests to ensure they attain the required quality and safety standards.

These evaluations are critical because they enable you to know the right wheel to choose in terms of quality standards.

The popular quality testing and standard certifications for these wheels include the following;

  • Spectrometer test
  • TUV test
  • Radial fatigue test
  • Rotary fatigue test
  • Scratch test
  • X-ray test
  • Salt spray test

Can You Fit Deep Dish Alloy Wheels In Any Car?


Deep dish alloy rims only fit in specific cars.

However, you can also modify ordinary cars by altering different elements in the suspension system to accommodate these rims.

Often, the wheel-well space is an excellent determinant of whether deep dish alloy rims can fit in a car.

This is important because they are a bit wide thus need cars with bigger wheel-well space.

Importantly, ensure you consult your professional wheel expert to determine whether they can fit in your car.

How Do You Ensure Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Are Compatible With Tires?

The manufacturing process of deep dish alloy wheels considers all the fundamental compatibility aspects with the tires.

However, the exact compatibility of tires and wheels depends on several factors but mainly the width and diameter.

The ideal tire width to fix in these rims is a bit flexible since it ranges depending on the tire profile.

Wider tires are used widely on these wheels since the rims are equally large.

These wide tires create sufficient sidewall bulge to prevent wheels from bending or cracking.

Moreover, the broader tires refrain these rims from de-beading, particularly when driving on low-pressure levels.

Thus, the best way to determine the compatibility of deep dish alloy rims with tires is to establish the actual purpose.

What Are The Ideal Maintenance Practices For Deep Dish Alloy Wheels?

Deep dish alloy rims require fundamental routine maintenance practices.

Ideally, they are designed and used mainly for cosmetic purposes hence the need to ensure they remain well maintained always.

Even so, the actual maintenance techniques of these wheels depend on the specific type of finish it has.

Nonetheless, the general routine maintenance practices include the following;

Cleaning – Always wipe the surface of these wheels using clean soapy water as you scrub with a soft cotton cloth. It is essential because it removes debris and dirt, allowing you to maintain tidy wheels.

Polishing – You can occasionally polish the surface finish of deep dish alloy wheels using the recommended polishing products. Polishing is vital since it helps to restore the original shade or sheen of the rims.

Wheel balancing – Check the wheels to determine whether the surface is even. It helps to decide whether or not you’ll need wheel balancing, which is critical in determining the overall efficiency when driving on the rims.

How Do Deep Dish Alloy Wheels Affect Gas Mileage?

Ordinarily, deep dish alloy wheels guarantee better gas mileage, mainly because they are relatively lightweight.

Moreover, they are usually large, and in many cases, bigger rims translate to better gas mileage.

Essentially, bigger rims have low revolutions per minute, which means they do not use a lot of gas when driving.

Nonetheless, you need to seek advice from a licensed wheel expert to determine the best deep dish alloy wheels to fit in your vehicle.

At Wheelshome, we have a range of car wheels depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

Contact us now for all your deep dish alloy wheels.

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