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Wheelshome is your perfect choice when you are sourcing for high-quality and durable custom alloy wheels. Just send your custom requirements and we will handle the fast transactions and best services. Contact us today!

wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Custom Alloy Wheels for All Brands

Are you having a hard time searching for the best manufacturer of custom alloy wheels? WheelsHome is the best choice! Our Custom Alloy Wheels are designed and manufactured to fit your vehicle. WheelsHome provides various types and styles of custom alloy wheels with low MOQ.

Here in WheelsHome, you will discover that our products are irreplaceable for their precision engineering, uncompromised quality, latest material use, stunning designs, and excellent manufacturing processes. Be one of our satisfied clients now!


Why Wheelshome Custom Alloy Wheels

For over 18 years, Wheelshome engaged in the manufacturing of custom alloy wheels. We provide custom alloy wheels for different brands that can boom your business. We can always design better products, more efficient and modern designs. Whether you need 7 series 20inch custom alloy wheels, 22inch floating caps multi-spoke custom alloy wheels, Range rover 22inch floating caps custom alloy wheels, it’s all here in Wheelshome.

As a professional custom alloy wheels provider, we ensure to offer durable custom alloy wheels at the best price. Our custom alloy wheels are good-looking wheels that can make your vehicle more beautiful. Wheelshome can always satisfy your needs from purchasing to the moving process. Message us now!

custom alloy wheel

wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Wheelshome – Your One Stop Custom Alloy Wheels Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best manufacturer and supplier of custom alloy wheels? Wheelshome got you covered. We are a professional provider in China with profound experience and history in this field.

All custom alloy wheels we offer are engineered and designed from superior quality alloy materials. Each series of custom alloy wheels are strengthened with many advantages and features.

We have a lot of custom alloy wheels stocks available for you. It includes 7 series 20inch custom alloy wheels, 20inch BMW custom alloy wheels, 20inch RS5 5 spokes polished custom alloy wheels, etc.

Custom your alloy wheels with Wheelshome. Whatever your requirements, we promise to satisfy your needs. We can support you from the beginning to the completion of your products.

For more than 18 years, Wheelshome devoted itself to the improvement of the design and manufacturing of custom alloy wheels. We became a leading custom alloy wheels manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a 100% guarantee of custom alloy wheels. We always make sure we can give you the custom alloy wheels that suit your custom requirements.

Aside from custom alloy wheels, we also provide an extensive range of high-quality products including custom forged wheels, luxury alloy wheels, classic alloy wheels, off-road alloy wheels, and more. Just send your needs and we will be your one-stop provider in China!

If you’re confused about our product, there’s a simple choice for you, contact us immediately! Our experienced team will take care of the manufacturing process and shipment according to your specifications.

Custom Alloy Wheels: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for information on custom alloy wheels.

Or, you’d like to buy high quality custom alloy wheels.

A reason this guide will take you through every detail you need to know.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom alloy wheels are rims of a vehicle that have been modified from the OEM standard wheels or have replaced factory standards.

Typically, these wheels have undergone different processes to alter their original features and tailor them to meet specific standards.

You can find custom alloy wheels in different designs, color finish, and other structural and aesthetic elements.

Custom alloy wheel

Custom alloy wheel

What Is The Difference Between Custom Alloy Wheels And OEM Alloy Wheels?

Ideally, OEM alloy wheels are produced by the vehicle manufacturers at their respective factories.

They meet the specific factory standards to ensure they perfectly fit the vehicle in line with the original design.

OEM alloy wheels are easy to identify since the manufacturer’s logo is stamped and alphanumerical Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) engraved on in inner barrel.

The center caps and lock nuts of OEM alloy wheels also contain manufacturer’s logo and usually undergo different compulsory quality tests.

Moreover, OEM alloy wheels only fit in a particular vehicle model they are designed for; thus, you can hardly use them on other cars.

OEM Alloy wheels

OEM Alloy wheels

As far as pricing is concerned, OEM alloy rims are seemingly costly but come with a reasonable manufacturer’s warranty.

They are somewhat standard and do not necessarily offer other additional elements such as aesthetic appeal.

On the other hand, custom alloy wheels are typically modified wheels designed to be unique and different from the OEM wheels.

They are manufactured by independent companies and are usually flexible since they can fit in multiple vehicle models.

Custom alloy wheels do not have manufacturer’s logo or the unique part identification number engraved on the inner barrel.

Additionally, you’ll rarely find custom wheels with branded lock nuts and center caps.

They undergo various quality and suitability tests but are not necessarily compelled since different third-party manufacturers produce them.

Custom alloy rims are also affordable depending on the customization levels required, and you can find them easily in many wheel dealers.

They are unique and add more value to the car, especially from the perspective of aesthetic appeal.

What Are The Main Materials Used For Making Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom alloy vehicle wheels are made using these two main materials;


Magnesium material is quite common for custom wheels developed explicitly for appealing looks.

It is comparatively lightweight, thus producing light rims and demonstrates fewer overheating issues.

However, magnesium custom alloy wheels are quite pricy.


It is another popular alloy material used for making a wide range of custom rims.

Aluminum is largely available thus often used for developing rims for different purposes and applications.

The material is naturally hardy, thus produce relatively durable wheels.

Moreover, its rims are quite affordable and improve vehicle’s handling, performance, and safety.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom alloy rims offer a broad range of benefits, making them worthwhile to invest in.

Some of these advantages include the following;

Aesthetic Value

Custom alloy rims add immeasurable aesthetic value to your vehicle.

They are tailored with features, which ensure they are unique and complement different aspects of the car.

Therefore, you can be guaranteed to attain an upscale look on your car when you fit custom alloy rims.

Enhances Car Value

Most car buyers are often influenced by the general look and condition of the vehicle.

Since custom alloy wheels add vital aesthetic value to your car, it means the value also rises.

Thus, when you fit appropriate custom alloy wheels on your vehicle, you are likely to sell it at higher rates

Easy To Maintain

Most custom alloy wheels hardly require painstaking maintenance procedures.

Ensure you clean using gentle washing detergents to prevent the surface finish from chipping out, dulling, fading.

Relatively Affordable

Custom alloy rims are quite cheap depending on the size, manufacturer, and level of customization.

In most instances, they are often available at prices ranging from 20-80% cheaper than factory alloy rims.

Offers Relative Flexibility

Unlike OEM alloy wheels, you can fit custom alloy rims in different vehicle models and still attain perfect results.

It is vital because it broadens your choice options given you can use it in more cars if such need arises.

Offers Uniqueness

Custom alloy wheels provide uniqueness, given they are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Of course, this is important because it makes your car stand out among others, whether identical or different models.

Are Custom Alloy Wheels Suitable For Off-Road Applications?


Ideally, the essence of getting custom alloy wheels is to attain apt modifications that can endure different driving conditions.

There are modified alloy rims designed and developed specifically for off-road applications.

Such rims exhibit incredible strength to endure the possible harsh off-road conditions.

Moreover, different strength additives are usually integrated into the base material to reinforce the overall strength of final product.

Thus, to get the best results from off-roading conditions, ensure you always buy custom wheels specifically modified for such terrains.

In fact, they form the best off-road alloy wheels.

Offroad alloy wheels

Off-road alloy wheels

Are Custom Alloy Wheels Strong?


In most instances, these rims are manufactured using aluminum and magnesium as base materials.

Ordinarily, these materials exhibit incredible strength and thus can withstand various mechanical pressure without easily damaging.

Moreover, there are several structural strength tests that the wheels often undergo during and after manufacturing process.

The essence is to ensure they are suitable and can endure different impact pressure without damage.

Besides, the manufacturing process adheres to the laid-down procedures, which include infusing strength additives.

In a nutshell, these wheels are strong and can last for several years if all factors remain constant.

How Safe Are Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom alloy wheels have demonstrated high safety standards for the longest time they have been in use.

Technically, there is always a particular manufacturing process, which these rims usually go through.

These procedures ensure the rims adhere to the particular required standards to guarantee safety.

Moreover, custom alloy wheels always figure out and outline the required safety elements such as load, speed, and size rating.

This is vital since it enables you to determine the right custom alloy wheels to choose from as far as safety is concerned.

Besides, these wheels tend to be naturally lightweight.

Of course, this is a vital safety element because it means they provide better traction while driving.

In essence, this provides better maneuverability, handling, acceleration, and handling, which play fundamental roles in vehicle safety.

What’s important as far as safety of custom alloy wheels is concerned is making sure you adhere to the ratings as required.

Also, purchase these rims from reputable manufacturers and dealers to avert low-quality counterfeit units.

How Many Times Can You Refurbish Custom Alloy Wheels?

Refurbishment is a core element when it comes to custom alloy rims.

Importantly, you need to understand that custom wheel refurbishment is not manufacturing brand-new rims.

Thus, there are limits to which you can conduct it and attain best results.

Ideally, different reports claim that you can only refurbish custom alloy rims once.

In some instances, you can refurbish the wheels once, twice, or thrice if need be, depending on the features of the wheel.

However, the number of times you can actually refurbish the wheels is dependent on their strength and integrity.

In some situations, you can refurbish the custom alloy rims, but it won’t necessarily bring it close to its original appearance.

Thus, you need to seek guidance from an expert to advice on the number of times you can refurbish your custom alloy wheels.

How Do You Repair Custom Alloy Wheels?

It is dependent on the specific damage on the wheels.

Of course, these wheels are exposed to many elements thus can possibly get damaged in different aspects.

Corrosion on the surface material of custom alloy rims is typical damage since the vehicle is driven in different terrains.

However, repairing it is simple and only requires priming, painting, and clear coating to restore the wheels to their original state.

If you are repairing cracks on these wheels, welding and CNC machining will suffice depending on the nature and extent of the crack.

This is ideal for light cracks and not advisable for severe cracks.

If the custom alloy wheel bends, straightening is involved in aligning and restoring it to its balanceable trueness.

Basically, custom alloy wheels are repairable, but you need to seek an expert’s advice to determine whether the restoration would be ideal.

In some instances, it would be advisable to replace the wheel rather than repairing.

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Custom Alloy Wheels?

Ordinarily, custom alloy wheels usually undergo different tests to evaluate whether they meet the required quality standards.

These tests often take place during and after manufacturing process to establish whether they meet different suitability requirements.

One fundamental quality examination for custom alloy wheels is radial fatigue testing.

Often, this test takes place to establish the load, size, and speed rating of the specific rim.

It involves analysis of the general structural performance of the car to ensure it meets the vital quality requirements.

A second important quality test is known as TUV testing.

Primarily, TUV testing entails examining important quality aspects of custom rims such as bending, impact resistance, and rolling among others.

Spectrometer testing is also another fundamental quality test for custom alloy wheels.

It entails in-depth uncovering and analysis of the wheels to establish all the possible weak spots, if any.

And most importantly, always check if the custom alloy wheels you are buying have ABE certification.

This quality standard certification is vital since it approves the wheels are suitable for specific vehicles to use on certain highways.

What Are The Common Surface Finishing You Can Use On Custom Alloy Wheels?

Custom alloy rims come in varied surface finishes.

However, the popular ones include chrome, painted, polished, and hyper-silver.

Chrome surface finish integrates traditional chrome electroplating with a relatively new Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) chrome.

This finish protects the custom alloy wheels with a clear coat.

Polished custom alloy rims are aluminum wheels polished adequately to a certain gloss.

They may or may not have a clear coat. However, those without a clear coat tend to be prone to oxidation thus would require periodic polishing to maintain the gloss.

Painted finish custom alloy wheels are available in many varieties and at times have machined finish incorporated in it.

Most varieties of painted finish custom alloys are black and silver, but a clear coat protects them.

Hyper-silver finish is infused into the custom alloy rims using a translucent metallic outer paint applied over an undercoat.

It provides a super-glowing inner surface, thus ideal for rims used for aesthetic purposes.

What Is The Suitable Size Of Custom Alloy Wheels To Buy?

Black alloy wheels

Black alloy wheels

Several factors determine the ideal size of custom alloy rims you need to buy for your vehicle.

Car manufacturers usually provide vehicles with different specifications as far as the suitable wheel size is concerned.

Generally, some cars need small wheels, whereas others need bigger rims.

The wheel-well space is a fundamental element, which determines the most suitable custom wheel size to use in your car.

Nonetheless, most custom alloy rims are available in different sizes ranging from 14-22”.

However, you can always find bigger or smaller than the common sizes depending on your requirements.

For better performance, safety, efficiency, and reliability, always use custom wheel sizes as the vehicle manufacturer recommends.

What Color Options Are Available For Custom Alloy Wheels?

You can find custom alloy wheels in a wide range of color options.

The ideal color choice is primarily fraught with subjectivity.

Of course, there are specific colors ideal for rims used in particular applications.

Nonetheless, you can find these wheels in all primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

Moreover, they are available in other complex color hues depending on your manufacturer’s capacity to produce them.

What Are The Main Features Of Custom Alloy Wheels?

Generally, custom alloy wheels have become more popular in the recent past due to the general features they exhibit.

Some of these features include the following;


Ordinarily, the fact that most custom alloy wheels are manufactured using magnesium or aluminum metals makes them relatively lightweight.

Of course, this is an essential specification because it increases fuel efficiency, handling, safety, and overall car performance.


Custom alloy wheels have incredible strength thus can withstand high impact pressure without damaging easily.

The molecular structure of the base material is solid, making it easy to attain the necessary overall strength.

Relatively Wide

This is an important characteristic of custom alloy wheels since it enhances traction and reduces tire flex for better cornering performance.


Ideally, custom alloy rims can fit in multiple vehicles and still provide desired results from the perspective of performance, fuel efficiency, and car handling.

Visual Appeal

They are largely appealing to the eye since they are customized to suit your taste and preference by adding various features.

Is There Warranty On Purchasing Custom Alloy Wheels?

It depends on where you are purchasing from.

Different manufacturers and dealers usually have varying policies as far as warranty is concerned.

Some offer warranties, whereas other do not.

Ordinarily, reputable manufacturers and suppliers would offer warranties, albeit for a short period.

Of course, it shows they have confidence in their products and are always willing to take liability if they damage or fail to meet your standards.

But the duration and terms of such warranties would vary from one manufacturer to another.

Therefore, it is important to ask the manufacturer or supplier you are purchasing from to establish whether they offer a warranty.

Also, verify the specific terms and conditions stipulated in the warranty and ensure you understand the application.

What Is The Main Difference Between Diamond Cut And Powder Coated Custom Alloy Wheels?

Generally, diamond-cut custom alloy wheels are painted to meet your preferred color taste before baked in an oven at 200°C.

After drying, these rims are placed on CNC diamond cutting lathes to cut across face meticulously and give the face the metallic diamond-cut feature.

However, diamond-cut custom wheels can still be susceptible to damage even though they are lacquered.

Moreover, diamond-cut custom alloy rims have a limit to which they can be cut since the wheel becomes weaker.

On the other hand, powder-coated custom alloy wheels are sprayed using dry powder.

Unlike diamond cut, powder-coated wheels do not require any solvent to effect.

Instead, the application of powder coating occurs electrostatically by using high-end modern powder coating equipment.

It is then cured using heat to enable it to form a durable layer.

As such, powder-coated custom alloy wheels tend to be more durable than diamond-cut custom rims.

Moreover, you can repeat the powder coating process severally without compromising the strength of your custom alloy wheels.

What Is The Cost Of Purchasing Custom Alloy Wheels?

It varies based on several variables such as the following;

Quantity – Most companies and dealers usually price custom alloy wheels based on the specific quantity you purchase. Ideally, more quantities often attract better discounts than buying few pieces.

Design – Custom alloy wheels are specially designed to suit the specific user preference or condition requirements. Thus, more complex designs tend to be pricier than simple customized units.

Brand – Of course, custom alloy wheels are manufactured by different independent companies. However, some have carved a niche in the industry and became more popular and reputable than others. Thus, such manufacturers tend to be a bit expensive than little-known brands.

Size – Often, bigger custom alloy rims are more expensive than smaller ones.

What Are The Best Maintenance Practices For Custom Alloy Wheels?

These wheels are among the easiest ones to maintain.

They hardly require technical or in-depth maintenance procedures.

However, ensure you always use non-abrasive or chemical-based cleaning detergents.

Such detergents usually react with surface finishing and, in most cases, remove or discolor the material.

Secondly, always scrub gently using a soft microfiber cloth.

It is essential because it averts incidences of causing scratch marks on the surface material of the wheel.

Also, regularly polish the surface material of custom alloy wheels using recommended clear coating products.

It restores the original sheen and maintains the surface finish.

Can You Fit Wider Tires On Custom Alloy Wheels?


Generally, it is recommended that you fit a tire of up to at most 20mm than the size of the wheels.

Of course, in many instances, the actual tire width you intend to fit in the wheel would vary based on precise width of custom alloy wheels.

However, always understand that the wider the tire size, the taller they become.

Thus, it may have difficulty in fitting, especially if the wheel-well space is not enough.

Car with custom alloy wheels

Car with custom alloy wheels

Can You Change Tire Sizes Without Changing Custom Alloy Wheels?


The size of the specific tire you are changing must be identical to that of the custom alloy wheels.

In simple words, for instance, you can never swap a 17” tire in a 16” custom alloy wheel.

Can You Buy Single Custom Alloy Wheel?


But the suitability, efficiency, and reliability are dependent on several elements.

For instance, if you are buying a single custom wheel to replace on front side, it must be identical to the other one on the front.

Simply put, if the new custom alloy wheel you are purchasing is 18”, the one on the other side, whether rear or front, should also be 18”.

Besides, you must ensure other specifications of the wheel you are replacing are also identical.

For instance, look at the load, size, and speed rating and ensure they are identical.

It is important because it brings perfect balance, which plays a critical role in establishing the overall performance and handling of the car.

Can You Use Custom Alloy Wheels On Heavy Commercial Vehicles?


However, it depends on the type of commercial vehicle and other relevant specifications.

Mostly, manufacturers of these wheels develop them for sports and luxury cars community.

You can always find custom alloy wheels for heavy commercial vehicles as long as you outline the vehicle’s specifications.

It makes it easy for the manufacturer to develop specific wheels suitable for various conditions the vehicle is likely to be subjected to.

How Durable Are Custom Alloy Wheels?

Very durable.

Magnesium and aluminum are the core materials used in manufacturing custom alloy wheels.

These materials are naturally strong and exhibit incredible resistance to corrosion and impact pressure.

Therefore, with proper driving conditions and relatively gentle terrain, custom alloy wheels can serve you for many years.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of these wheels also ensures the suitable additives are integrated.

These additives enhance the strength of the rims, which in the long run increases the durability of the wheels in various applications.

What Are The Shortcomings Of Custom Alloy Wheels?

The common shortcoming of these wheels is that most insurance companies usually decline to pay accident claims arising from using them.

This can be disadvantageous since it means you’ll always have to bear the liability, which comes with using them in case of an accident.

Secondly, there is a likelihood of crooked manufacturers and dealers manufacturing sub-standard custom alloy wheels and sneaking them into the market.

It is a common occurrence, especially in countries with loopholes as far as quality control systems work. This can be dangerous since it hardly guarantees safety, efficiency, or durability of such wheels once they get into the market.

Thirdly, they do not have a mandatory warranty making it challenging to deal with returns or get compensation if they do not meet your standards.

Moreover, some do not come with center caps and lock nuts, which you may need to order separately.

What Is The MOQ When Buying Custom Alloy Wheels?

It varies from one manufacturer to another.

Ordinarily, you can order a single custom alloy wheel, two pieces, three pieces, or a complete set of four rims.

However, some manufacturers usually peg a specific minimum order quantity you can always request from the company.

Nevertheless, it would be important to first inquire from the manufacturer to establish the actual MoQ.

Also, you can negotiate with the manufacturer and agree on an ideal MOQ that fits within your budget and suits your needs.

For all your custom alloy wheels in China, contact Wheelshome now.

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