Choosing between OEM Wheels vs. Aftermarket Wheels

Wheels can be quite fascinating as such a minor part of a vehicle can be responsible for the overall functioning of all the systems. Wheels have quite a great impact on the ride, handling, braking and safety of the vehicle. That’s exactly the reason to choose the right type of wheels. Are you trying to decide whether to purchase OEM wheels or aftermarket wheels for your vehicle? And you aren’t sure which is a much better choice for you?

Then this blog post will help you to choose the best wheels for your vehicle. After reading this blog post about the comparison between OEM and aftermarket wheels, you can decide which wheels are best suited to your needs. 

OEM Wheels

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. They are also called stock wheels or factory wheels.  OEM wheels are exactly designed like the original ones. They are either made directly by the original car’s manufacturer or they get manufactured by an independent company with support from the manufacturer.

OEM Wheels Specs

OEM wheels are made to the exact specifications that the vehicle’s manufacturer provides. They are designed mostly for a specific vehicle but can also be made for a few models of the same brand.  They will always fit your vehicle and you won’t have to do extra adjustments for its fitting.

oem wheels lamborghini


OEM wheels are great in terms of quality as the OEM manufacturers prioritize quality. They run a bunch of different tests namely radial fatigue tests, lateral fatigue test, lateral impact tests, pothole tests and many others to ensure the quality and strength of the wheels. OEM wheels come with a quality assurance and even if they aren’t superior to the originals, they’ll still have the same quality as the originals.


OEM wheels can be costly but there are some car lovers out there keen on keeping their vehicles factory originals, if this sounds like you, then go for OEM.

If you want to save a bit and still want quality wheels, then choose aftermarket wheels.

Aftermarket Wheels 

All those wheels that are not manufactured by the original car’s manufacturer and are produced by a third party are termed as aftermarket wheels. They are designed to look like the OEM but they can have slight variations.

Variety in Aftermarket Wheels

There’s a greater variety to choose from in aftermarket wheels. A single wheel model can have a number of different sizes and finishes. They look great as one can customize the wheels according to one’s preferences. 

Quality of Aftermarket Wheels

Just because aftermarket wheels aren’t made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle doesn’t mean they have any issue with their quality standards.

It comes in varying quality standards and if you choose the right manufacturer, you’ll get the exact same quality as the OEM’s.

Cost of Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket wheels can be less costly as compared to OEM and that’s quite amazing. If your OEM wheels get damaged, or you want to keep an extra pair for emergency, you can’t always go for OEM due to their high cost, aftermarket wheels can meet your needs in such cases.


Choosing wheels is a matter of personal taste and preferences but if you are looking for a variety of designs, sizes and finishes in low price while still maintaining the quality of wheels, then aftermarket wheels is the answer.

All Wheelshome Forged wheels are Made in China
Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty
SUV load-rated versions will use the forged wheels in 20″-24″ diameters.
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OE TPMS and lug hardware compatible for ease of installation
Center lock options available
Titanium Hardware Optional

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