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5692F Bentley Bentayga 20inch 21inch Polished Forged Wheels

Bentley Alloys

Being a company that specializes in the manufacture some of the most sought after products, Wheelshome has to have the highest quality products at the most pocket friendly prices. The Wheelshome brand has partners with the Alloy industry leaders so that we can provide our customers with the lowest prices for the best products.

We stand by the quality guarantee of our Bentley Alloys. We understand that having the best customer services and the most competitive prices is not enough, but that we should also provide the best quality of Bentley Alloys. All our products have been tested and tried, and we can proudly say that our alloys are straight and true.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or repeat client to us. We always seek to build long lasting relationships with retailers all over the world. We do this by making sure that we do not compromise on our service delivery.  Our Bentley Alloys can be recognized from anywhere in the world. Our brand is trusted by retailers because we seek to meet and satisfy the continuously evolving social and economic needs.

We welcome inquiries from new customers who want to start or expand their businesses.  We believe that by working together, we can develop strong business relationships in the future and achieve mutual success!

Why Choose Wheelshome as Your Source of Bentley Alloys?

As a manufacturer of Bentley alloys for different Bentley models, our stores are always packed with alloy orders awaiting shipment.

This is done to make sure that our customers receive their orders in time and in sound conditions.

We are always producing new Bentley alloys so that we are always stocked with the newest trends and design of alloys.

The best part of all this is, all our products are thoroughly inspected throughout the production processes. We do this for quality assurance. We are keen on even the most insignificant details.

The marketing team of Wheelshome is our strongest pillar.

This is the department in charge of making sure that every single order from our clients is satisfactory and delivered on time. Every issue raised is solved right on, so that the customer’s concerns are quenched with an adequate solution.

The engineering team at Wheelshome is another pillar that keeps things running. The team is made up of elite engineers with hundreds of years in combined experience.

We are always conducting research to make sure that our Bentley alloys are made to match the industry’s standards.

custom alloy wheel

wheelshome alloy wheels warehouse

Your Number One Manufacturer of Bentley Alloys

We have been producing alloys for different automotive brands for the past 18 years. We can proudly say that in those years, we have never compromised on our service delivery.

This is the secret behind our continuous growth. We are always driven by the need to keep producing better and improved Bentley alloys.

This principle is not only applied in our production of Bentley alloys, but on every other product in our units. We also manufacture rims for all automotive brands.

Therefore is you are looking for factory direct aftermarket alloys to help you start or expand your business, look no further than Wheelshome. We are not rigid in our supply of alloys; you can trust us for any customization requirements.

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