WHEELSHOME staff and RIZO customers share many characteristics. Fun-loving, outward-looking, with an independent lifestyle and independent thinking, they share a zeal for all things automotive. The RIZO brand of refitted aluminum alloy wheels evokes the passion, fun, and individualized personality of our entire team through consistently unique, distinctive, and trendy designs. It is precisely these characteristics that has the RIZO name on end-users’ minds, on their tongues, and in their Twitter posts.

In experiencing RIZO for the first time, those customers are pleasantly surprised at the level of detail that goes into the design, styling and construction. This is the natural outgrowth of having in-house design and a management philosophy that is focused on actual end-user demand while remaining mindful of the needs of all stakeholders – staff, sub-suppliers, distribution partners and management included. We work through passion, not for profits. Proof of that comes in the form of an eight-year guarantee – versus just three from competitors – showing that quality and reliability also set us far apart. In fact, RIZO wheels are not only US-DOT and JWL approved, but also German TUV certified – the world’s strictest wheel standard.

WHEELSHOME Founder and President Tony Mao, himself an ardent vehicle enthusiast, knew early on the only career path for him was in the auto industry. After many years in the sector, he established the firm and began recruiting others with similar backgrounds and motivation. “Birds of a feather flock together” as the saying goes, and soon like-minded individuals were coming home to roost at Tony’s tightly-woven nest. They began crafting a very particular set of solutions for clients, and doing it with style. Each item is functional, yet each is a work of art. By focusing on the end result instead of financial rewards, our reputation was built first and success followed. This is the RIZO ethos – on display within our company, in our showroom, and on customers’ cars.

RIZO products currently come in four different forms: RIZO Cast wheels, either standard or flow-formed, or RIZO Forged, either monoblock or multi-forged. Multi-forged development marks the latest chapter in the story of the RIZO brand as it is now nearing completion, with sample availability imminent. Whether end-user or

dealer, the next chapter involves you and your chance to join a long list of happy characters in the on-going saga that is RIZO.






Through both in-house and collaborative R&D and design, WHEELSHOME creates and produces the auto industry’s top refit, after-market alloy wheels. With a comprehensive line to meet a wide-range of wheel demands, we’re the industry’s top supplier in other key ways as well: our expertise, technical experience, flexibility, professionalism, and low MOQ make us a “no-brainer” choice.

WHEELSHOME already has over 1000 moulds for more than 200 distinct styles, covering 99% of sedans and SUVs on the worldwide market. New designs are under constant development, including wheels for off-road vehicles and motor homes. Our RIZO, TIFFANDO and REP TERRA brands are well known to dealers and auto aficionados across the globe, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and beyond.

The WHEELSHOME team is mostly young, all young at heart, and each creative in their own unique way. This isn’t by accident but because like-minded people have gravitated to each other, and also because for inside positions WHEELSHOME recruits only highly independent staff who share our passion for the specialized refit wheel niche. We foster their creativity with a relaxed, uninhibited environment that stresses free-flowing yet precise communication whether within, with suppliers, or with our valued clients.

What’s more, our exceptional after-sales service and strong product guarantees (eight years vs. only three from competitors!) are a big part of our strong and growing reputation. All our processes, communication included, are highly refined through active employment of continuous improvement principles. WHEELSHOME QC staff (all with 10+ years’ experience) are rigorous and strict to ensure you never receive anything less than you ordered. We rarely find problems, though, for two key reasons. First, great communication not only on the factory floor but throughout our entire supply chain limits the opportunity for problems to arise. Second, and even more importantly, we see problems as opportunities! By our definition, business is essentially problem-solving and we are therefore delivering a specific set of solutions to meet your needs.

WHEELSHOME partnerships go not only back, however, but forward as well. We warmly look forward to your inquiry so that we may jointly explore and initiate a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship. Welcome!